Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Winner and maybe I'll be a loser?

I hope you had a wonderful and magical Christmas. We are contemplating having a New Years Eve party but you know how it is as Mommies and Daddies this holiday is more for "all the single ladies"... and single gents. I wanted to say thank you for all the kind comments on the drum giveaway. They really brightened my day and some (Nicole) made me laugh out out loud. As for the give away Drum roll please (do you get it... drum roll?) AWWWW so lame! :)
Screen shot 2010-12-28 at 7.41.03 PM
 Kelly said...
You are so creative and those drums are beautiful. I would love to win.
moodykelly at gmail dot com
Your parents have fantastic taste in names by the way :) Congrats! I will shoot you an email to get your address. 
Now as for the me being a "loser" I remembered the other day that I totally failed to mention that my dress was NOT selected in the Shabby Apple contest. It was actually pretty comical. For some reason I thought the results were going to be announced on Thanksgiving so I patiently waited until we were in Bali. (Side note: Being Irish I am totally superstitious and think I jinx things by watching them. Hence if BYU was loosing in football while I was at Uni there it was because I was watching the game, so I try not to check blog contests religiously for fear I will jinx myself, yeah I am that weird.) On Thanksgiving I nervously logged on to find out that no, I had not won and that {hello!} it had ended days before. I went in to tell my hubby and he says "yeah I know I just didn't want to be the bearer of bad news while were on holiday. The competition ended a few days ago." HA!!!!!! That guy can keep a secret! Anyway, I did receive some fun news from the company though and lets just say I may be posting some dresses to get your opinions as January rolls on. So, if you are keeping tally, I got the boot from Crafting with the Stars early on:

 was pummeled in the Knock off competition:
and now lost Shabby Apple:

Apparently I am a total glutton for punishment because starting in a few weeks I will be competing in "Project Run and Play".

I think it is healthy to get your bum kicked every now and then (or in my case every time ha!) I actually joined thinking "surely it will be with other amateur bloggers like myself".... I was so terribly wrong. I will be competing against extremely talented seamstresses. Several of which have very successful stores and clothing lines. You can check out everyone's profiles HERE. It looks like another bum kicking for SNML (my friend Elizabeth abbreviated the blog like that and I LOVE it)! Thankfully we received the themes early so I have BEGGED my friend in Jakarta to pick up something for me, okay bright green rubber boots if you must know ha! I just REALLY hope I make it to the week where the theme is retro because I have the cutest idea!! But lets be honest I am just amazed I am thrown in with these ladies. If you would like to follow along I would be thrilled! On the horizon is the promised notorious "green pants" tutorial:
Ha! Just kidding, but that story is pretty cute. Although The Sniches is my current fav. Anywhoo (get it who...Dr. Seuss? Man I am full of lame jokes tonight!) I will also be putting up the schedule for Apron week tomorrow. I am trying to get the first apron in before New Years. It is a glamourous one if I say so myself! Please send me any ideas or ones you would like to see made! 


  1. I'm very excited to follow project run and play. You'll do a great job. I'm also looking forward to apron week. I'm in need of an apron, and I'm sure that you won't disappoint.

  2. Don't feel bad about not winning those contests! You are amazing! Seriously! When you posted those aprons I was like "Are you serious? How does this chick figure all this stuff out?!?"

    It's all very much what some people like but there's others like me that just ADORE all the things you do! Sometimes it's more fun to be the representative of the fun and funky crafters right?!?

  3. Yay! I'm so excited I won!!!!!!! :) I can't wait to get your email. :)

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  5. Eagerly awaiting to see what you'll reveal tomorrow for apron week. If it's possb (and not too much more work to add to your life) can you post some photos to show how the pattern pieces should look once all attached together on the upcoming patterns and in your instructions. Thanks for all your efforts Kelly!

  6. Sorry you lost, I thought you deserved it. I compare my homemade sewing projects to yours and think "I'm such an amateur!" It is kinda funny to me that you are even nervous. I guess there is always going to be someone out there that is better. It gives you people to look up to I suppose. You are my "look up to person" so hopefully that helps the sting a little bit.

  7. You are the one blog I picked up off One Pretty Thing that I check several times a week. You are so talented. I can't believe you didn't win but definitely think it's cool that you make it that far in a competition.


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