Friday, December 24, 2010

Eleventh Day of Christmas: Piping, of the frosting kind

Sorry this post is so late but I have a great to come with the last post :)
Before I was an avid sewer and photographer my dream was to open a cupcake store in my beloved Williamsburg VA. It is still a dream I hold onto and I cross my fingers that it will come to fruition when we retire. We are currently building a home there so that has got to be one step in that direction right? :) Anyway, I LOVE making cupcakes and if I do say so myself I am pretty good at it. What I am NOT good at is decorating them. I am awful at piping anything. With 11 pipers piping I thought instead of doing a tutorial (since I am awful at it) I would gorge my eyes on the amazing holiday piping ability of others and share some of the piping inspiration with you!
                                                                    (google images)
I have never ever been able to get fondant to taste good AND look good. It seems like it is one or the other, and how cute is that striped hat?!

Can't you just imagine diving into all that puffed, piped goodness? This is from one of my fav blogs House of Brinson. Gorgeous photography of food and other random items :)

How cute are these! Of course they are from Martha. I would LOVE to sneak into her prep kitchens one day and just hide in a corner and watch, they should sell tickets for that :)
(google images)
I thought these christmas trees were so stinkin cute! It has got to take a steady wrist to get these right. 

I just LOVE turquoise and orange so when I saw these at Saint Cupcakes I just about wet my knickers. How do you do a HUGE dollop like that?
Okay so this one isn't piped but it is just soooo cute! It is from my fav party blog 
One Charming Party. This site has exploded since Nicole Hill Gerulet started doing the photography. Nicole's was the first photography workshop I ever attended so I love seeing her work here :) You can download the little North Pole sign on the post HERE. I think it is a great way to use up all those mini candy canes you have lying around. 
Finally I had to include at least one of the amazing gingerbread houses I am seeing everywhere:

 This one is from the always fabulous Whipperberry. These ladies are amazingly talented. Plus how cool is that cake stand, I mean seriously wow. The details are out of control on this house. Look at the little bunting and the tiny birds on top of the trees!
Now that I am inspired I am going to go embarrass myself in the kitchen :) If you know of a great piping set that might turn my meager skills into mad skills I would love a link! I hope you all can settle in with a "piping" hot coco and enjoy your evening!!


  1. Talk about insipiration! Those are some PRETTY cupcakes. To answer your question about how they did the big dollop, I think that those are mini cupcakes. Not entirely sure, but I think. :)

  2. Have you ever checked out the blog "Make It and Love It" from Ashley? She featured a whole series by someone else named Brittany about how to make all kinds of fabulous cake, including how to make your own fondant.
    If that link doesn't work the Make-a-Cake series is under her tutorial tab.
    Now I want to go bake or sew or work on my pictures or....
    Merry Christmas

  3. For the huge dollop you use a huge frosting tip. They are awesome!!!! My favorite way to decorate cupcakes:)

  4. The entire 12 days of Christmas project has been fun, fun, fun from day 1 to day 12. I cannot thank you enough for doing this. This project made me research the history of 12 days of Christmas and I learned alot. This has G.R.E.A.T.


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