Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Swinter Dress

Today I am a guest blogger over at If Life was Like a Cupcake. Amanda, who writes the blog has been a follower since VERY early on and sends the sweetest emails so when she asked I of course said yes! I wanted to do a project that she could make for her two little girls and at the same time reflect my wishing for snow but enjoying going swimming everyday ha! Now a little background, I am a big Phineas and Ferb fan... yeah I know, its a kids show. But it is one of those kids shows that knows adults are often watching and puts in hilarious jokes for us! An episode lately had the kids creating a mash up of summer and winter and calling it {Swinter}. I thought this was such a fun idea and went to work making a dress that could be worn in both summer and winter, the Swinter Dress:
The pattern (a very tiny one) can be found HERE and a full tutorial can be found on Amanda's Blog. It is SOOOOOO easy and I think it is just gorgeous on. If you are wearing it during the summer you can wear it sans a t-shirt and sweater:
Evie was soooooooooo grumpy because Finn came out of his room and started yelling "Helloooooooo?" at the top of his lungs way to early and waking everyone up in the process. She was uncharacteristically serious during the shoot
I thought when a doggy walked past she might crack a smile
It wasn't until I begged Daddy to come help that she cracked a smile:
Then it was off to bed for a very early morning nap ha! I hope you will hop over to If Life Was Like A Cupcake and check out the full tutorial. It really is so simple to whip up. Thanks Amanda for inviting me!


  1. My husband and I are faithful Phineas and Ferb watchers too! I knew exactly where you got the name when I saw the post! I love this dress!

  2. Amanda said I should follow you...checked out your blog and absolutely love your sewing. Used to do it but guess old age is creeping up besides my daughter in now 32 and I dont have granddaughters to sew for....but had to tell you I love this dress! Enjoy.

  3. LOVE this dress! And your daughter is adorable.

  4. Love the dress. Very great fabric and you have such a good eye for faqbric.

  5. I love the dress! I love the length especially, I almost never make something long since it seems to always get crawled on, but there is just something elegant about a long dress. Oh and I too love phineas and ferb, I actually convince my son to watch it with me (it's sad) Lastly, I love the attitude! ha ha my daughter gives that attitude far too much and yeah her dad is the only one that can get her to smile at those times too... the dramatic life of a girl :) Great stuff I can't wait for the 12 days of Christmas!!


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