Saturday, December 18, 2010

Sixth Day of Christmas: Knock Off Potterybarn Christmas Pajamas

I am soooooo crazy excited to share this tutorial with you! I am dying at how great it turned out and totally psyched to make a bagillion more!
  Brief Caveat: This project has by far the least to do with it's assigned day. But I REALLY wanted to make these for the kids before Christmas and knew there was no way to do it unless I widdled it into the count down somehow :) 
The sixth day of Christmas is "6 Geese a Laying", I decided to completely ignore everything but the "laying" part and make something comfy for the cuties to "lay" in Christmas eve. I wanted to share as I know it is a VERY common tradition to get new jammies on Christmas Eve:
Knock Off Potterybarn Holiday PJ's
I love these Jammies... I feel like Finn should be wearing leather slippers and puffing a bubble pipe :)
Every year I would head to my favorite Potterybarn outlet and scoop up loads of PJ's for the boys. I REALLY wanted them to still have their adorable PJ's so I set out to make my own. I decided to go with a over the top Christmasy plaid:
What really MAKES the PB jammies is their little pipping on their jammies. I decided to go with a deep green around the cuff:
and collar:
and around the leg cuffs:
Finn loves them as well. Usually he would immediately request to get back into his spiderman shirt after a shoot but he kept this on for the rest of the afternoon then wore them to bed!
I am going to make Sawyer a matching set and Evie a little retro dress! I hope the pics convey how cute they are because in person they just make you melt :) So if you would like to learn how to make them then click below for the pattern and the rest of the tutorial!

What you will need:
Flannel or Cotton Fabric (I used 2.5 meters)
Solid corresponding fabric (1/4 a meter) or you could use extra from above
3 buttons
Sewing Machine
Needle and thread
The pattern you can find HERE.

Once you have all your pieces cut out from the pattern you can prepare your "edging". All I did was take a LONG strip of green fabric about 2 inches wide.
I then ironed it in half so one edge was finished.
Now you can cut off pieces as needed!
Grab your sleeve pieces, your sleeve cuff pieces and a strip of green as long as the bottom of your sleeve. Lay them on a flat surface so you can line everything up.
Open up your folded "cuff" and iron both long raw edges.
Then lay the bottom of the sleeve piece on top of the top ironed cuff piece:
Grab your green piece and lay it so that the finished edge is on the "sleeve" how far up depends on how much of a "piped" look you want:
Once you have them arranged the way you like fold up the bottom finished edge:
Now pin it all into place:
Now fold the sleeve in half lengthwise
Now repeat the process on the other sleeve. Once you are done put your sleeves to the side. Grab your two odd shaped lapel pieces:
Take one of your shirt front pieces and with right sides together match the strip and shirt front up. (I serged the side that would not be sewn, if you do not have a serger you could just do a zig zag stitch)
Sew along the two raw edges that line up. Then turn the lapel so it is right side out (now the wrong sides should be together on the inside of the shirt). Now topstitch what you just sewed. Repeat on other set of lapel pieces and shirt fronts:
Now we are going to connect the two front pieces to the back piece. Grab your back piece and one of your shirt front pieces. Line up the side edges and the shoulder edges, with the fabric right sides together.
Sew down the side and across the shoulder. Once done repeat the process with the other shirt front piece.
Now we are going to attach the sleeves. Grab the sleeve pieces you made. Turn your "shirt" inside out. Slide one of the sleeves up in the shirt lining up the seams. Pin the sleeve all the way around and sew.
Repeat the process on the second sleeve. Now we are going to put on our collar. Grab your two collar pieces:
Stack the two pieces so that they are right sides together. Cut a length of your green and slide it in between the two pieces so that the finished edge is hidden and the raw edge is hanging out. Again how much you tuck in between depends on how big of a piping look you want.
Once you have it all pinned the way you like sew around the raw edge, easing the green fabric at the corners. Start at the bottom left corner, sew up and across the top then down the right side. Do not sew across the bottom. When you are done flip the collar right side out
Iron under the raw edges. To connect it to the pajama top you are going to slide the ironed edge over the raw edge of the shirt top. I found the middle of the collar and the middle of the shirt back and started there and pinned my way out.
Sew across where you just pinned. Woo hoo! Now all you have to do is attach your buttons and make corresponding button holes. I do this by hand because I can't find my button hole maker. Check with your sewing machine manual to see how to use yours. Make sure to hem up the bottom of your shirt as well :) Now grab your pants pieces. Take one back piece and one front piece.
Sew up only ONE side so that they are attached. Then open them up. Take some of your green and your pant cuffs. (Treat the pant cuffs just like the sleeve cuffs and iron over their raw edges). Line them all up the exact same way you did with the sleeves.
Pin them the same way and sew across.
Once you are done fold them in half right sides together and sew up the other edge. You now have a pant leg :) Repeat the process on your other pant leg. Once you are done with are going to sew the two pant legs together. With the pant legs wrong sides out ling up the enter seams. Pine all the way around the "seat" then sew along the raw edges. When you are done you should have something that resembles this:
Now we just have to make the pocket for the elastic. Take the raw edge at the top of your pants and fold it over, then fold it over again. Sew around the folded edge making a pocket for your elastic. Make sure to leave a little opening your can feed the elastic through. Once you are done attach a safety pin to the elastic and feed it through.
Once through sew the ends of the elastic together and let it slip back into the pocket. Sew up the opening.
You are all done!!!! Totally easy right? I would totally suggest doing a few at the same time. It is so much easier doing it in an assembly line manner.
They are so stinking cute on I swear you will not be disappointed! I hope you love them! Please send me pics if you make some for the round up!


  1. yay! I bookmarked this & will definately be making matching jammies for next christmas since i just don't think it will happen this year. Thanks!

  2. LOVE these. I am making my nieces and nephew pajamas for Christmas, and these would be perfect for little Noah. Much better than the basic pants I was planning... But the pattern link isn't working for me. Is it just my computer glitching?

  3. These PJ's look so cozy for Christmas morning. Christmas is approaching and my stack of projects is yet to be completed.

  4. They pjs are SO CUTE! I am now inspired to make my boys all pjs. I can't get the pattern link to work either....but would LOVE to use your pattern. The pjs turned out very darling!

  5. Yes, I cant get the link to work either but totally want to do these!

  6. I'm looking forward to making these, but the link isn't working for me either!

  7. i wish i could whip this up in the next 7 cute!

  8. I just bought some PJs just like these for my 19 month old because they are SOOOO cute, but I am an avid sewer and should have made these. I will definitely be making some more cause they are adorable, but I cant access the pattern either.

  9. Can't get the pattern link to work... :(

  10. I also couldn't get the link to work. I've really wanted to try a button-up pj shirt, but I've been a little scared of my pattern. Maybe with your pictures, I can figure it out.

  11. Have you been able to get the pattern link to work yet? I still can't access and would love to make these for everyday.


  12. Hi there - I am so bummed, I had bookmarked this link to make the pajamas for tonight - but when I went to access the pattern I couldn't get to it!!! Has this been fixed yet? Please say yes :)

  13. I am hosting a Christmas Pajam-Rama on my blog and would love for you to enter:>

    These PJ's are too cute!

  14. Just wondering what size your pattern makes? Any idea how to make it smaller? Just have to eye it?


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