Saturday, December 25, 2010

To a Healthy New Year

I hope some of you may be reading this on a new computer, or Ipad or in some comfy new jammies, or like me with a tummy full of stocking yummies! I prepared out neighbor gifts yesterday and ended up having this for lunch:
Just looking at it now makes me sort of nauseous ha! But you know how it is, cookie for the plate cookie for me, brownie for the plate brownie for me, mini cheese cake for plate 2 for me.  Uh oh totally thirsty better grab a drink. I only had seven plates to make but I think I ate my weight in junk. I went the cookie plate route this year. I didn't have it in me to do anything bigger. But I figure the personalized cookies made up for the creative void:
We then totally spaced doing cookies for Santa... so he got a plate that was meant to go to a family who went out of town. "Yeah kids Igoe Family is code for Santa Clause" ha! Did any of you have any funny holiday mess ups? Hopefully just enough that you get to laugh about them and the rest of the time was seamlessly perfect!


  1. Where did you get the stamp for your personalize family cookies?

  2. I second the above question! {and I ate equally terrible today...I was really counting on moving to a 3rd world country to really clean bad food out of my diet, but alas, it is good to know that I may be able to make/find chocolate chip cookies!}

  3. I woke up this morning and had greek yogurt with fresh pomegranate to kick off my "end of the holiday eating!!!" My body already feels better! Love your picture!

    I am sitting here typing this next to the stack of fabrics I pulled to send to you! I haven't forgotten!! And yes, I would love to do a design post, any ideas on what you'd like to see?

    Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!!

  4. LOVE it! And yes, I need to know where you got the stamp too! Was it just a regular ole stamp you had made?


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