Friday, December 17, 2010

Fifth Day of Christmas: Your Own Golden Ring

Alright before I move on with today's post I think I need to address Evies green pants ha! Apparently the tutorial should have been how to make them! They actually have 3 more buttons going up and are total sailor pants but you can't tell that because they are way to big! I will be posting a tutorial and pattern for them after Christmas, along with them will be a super cute pair of sailor shorts. If you happen to see bright green poplin cotton then stock up! :) Thanks for all the compliments it is fun sharing them on the web since she rarely leaves the compound here in Timor :( 

I knew EXACTLY the project I wanted to do for "Five Golden Rings", I wanted to make one of the personalized rings I have been seeing all over the place. Unfortunately I didn't have enough time to get everything to me, FORTUNATELY I have the coolest crafty friend in the world who was willing to do it for me and share with the fantabulous readers of Sewing In No Mans Land! Meet Elizabeth. 
She is the fantastic girly behind the Moonlit Nest. Our hubbies went to Law School together and our fanaticism for photography, crafting, throwing ridiculously involved parties having cuties of similar ages (Atticus is in between Sawyer and Liam and Gwyneth is nearer Evie) and so many other things made us fast friends. It was VERY hard to say goodbye to the Moon family when we left DC. Thankfully I follow her gorgeous blog and stay caught up. Okay enough gushing on my part. These personalized rings are soooooo easy and I cannot wait for my "stuff" to arrive so I can make one. You can easily pick up everything you need at a local craft store (Ring blank, clear bubble stone and strong glue) 
Or you can order some gorgeous ring blanks online HERE (which I am in LOVE with) or HERE or HERE... it goes on and on. Since Elizabeth was doing me a huge favor I sent her a kit (she talks about where over on her bloggity blog) this made it SUPER easy. I love that she decided to hers with a pic of her hubby:
Hop on over to The Moonlit Nest to find all the details! 
tree flash card_indiepopchristmas_tia_2peas

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