Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Each Christmas growing up my mom would allow me to do the 12 days of Christmas to someone (you know, starting on the 13th you leave a little present for them on their doorstep, or in their locker etc until the 24th?). I LOVED doing it and tried to be as creative as possible (as the budget was very limited) in what I gave and how it was delivered. I haven't done this since high school and I thought this year would be a perfect year to do something along those lines. Starting on the 13th I will be posting a tutorial that corresponds with the day in the "12 days of Christmas"!!! I am sooooo excited to share these tutorials. Now I am not going to lie some of them are a tency bit of a stretch (that song has a lot of talk about birds, ha!) I will also have a new button everyday that you can take and put on your blog if you are following along :) At the end of each week we will have a linky party if you have made any if the projects or anything Christmasy in general.... that is if I can figure out how to do one. I feel so daft sometimes when it comes to these blogger gadgets ;) I hope that you will follow along and make some fun Christmas inspired crafts!!! You will find the main button for the event on my side bar. Don't worry I have several tutorials prepared for before the 13th :)


  1. Tell me about it!!! I am doing a 12 Days of Christmas onesies set - and I thought the birds would be the tough part, I am finding it's harder with the people at the end! Lol

  2. I am in love with your blog hubby has put in for an embassy tour {we find out Friday!} and you give me hope that I can stay crafty if we are living in a 3rd world country :) I will definitely be tuning in!


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