Thursday, December 16, 2010

Third Day of Christmas: Bella Bandeau

Alright so for 3 French hens this is a bit of a stretch but oh well ha! I took the French part and ran with it. I don't know if it is being a photographer or what but I have a weakness for over the top hair pieces. I have been seeing THESE toile headbands a lot of places and love them. Maybe it is because when I think over the top fantastic hairpieces I think France or maybe it was because one of my friends from France was talking to me about her daughters hair piece but I jumped a the excuse to make one. So for the Third day of Christmas I present the Bella Bandeau (Pretty Hairband):
Now I think it will look a lot cuter on Evie when she is a bit bigger.
I think at this age it sort of overwhelms her little noggin' but with Christmas break upon us there has been a mass exodus off the island taking all my little older model girls with it :)
All you need to make it are a few toile scraps (mine are from my "ladies dancing craft" hint hint), some elastic, a hot glue gun, some little pieces of bias tape (or home made bias tape) and any embellishment you may think of.
Once you have gathered your strips make sure all the ends are even. (Measurement was for Evie's head, be sure you measure your munchikins before cutting)
Take your two small strips of bias tape:
Now slide one of the ends of all the toile in the middle of one of the pieces of bias tape. Once you have it in a good spot slide in one end of your elastic into the middle of the bias tape:
Once you are done you are going to repeat on the other side. Once you are done you should have a circle. Now I didn't want mine to be all fluffy and messy (it was already a it big for Evie) so in the spot I wanted to add my embellishment I tied a bit of lace around the group of Toile:
Now you can top it with whatever you like, a silk rosette, some fun funky jewels etc. I decided to go with some feathers, including a peacock feather.
I love how dramatic they are, although when I bought it in Jakarta and then when I was putting it on the headband I kept thinking how my mom says they are bad luck (according to Irish superstition :))
I think I might go back and tighten up the toile so it isn't as wide... or I might just save it for when she is bigger.


  1. I think it looks so adorable on her. It really does make a good photo shoot.

  2. That is the absolute cutest little jacket I've ever seen! Of course the headwear totally tops it off!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. This is most adorable!!! I love everything about this whole outfit!!!

  5. This is absolutely gorgeous and just what I've been looking for to make a head piece for my (17 yo) daughter for a dance.

    One tiny note ... the fabric you use is called tulle. Toile is a pastoral print in one color that looks very antique. It's usually done on cotton in a quilting or drapery weight. It is also French in origin.

  6. Elegant and unique! Why don't toddlers wear feathered headdresses more often?!


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