Saturday, December 11, 2010

This Time Last Year.....

We were up to our ears in snow:
Sawyer is missing it so much and kept saying it was going to snow in Bali. He told me it won't be Christmas until it snows....
So I guess we will be waiting a while ha! Our friends are heading home to Sweden for Christmas. She has two boys just younger then Sawyer and Finn so she came over and went through all their winter clothes. Yeah, we have all our winter clothes here,  you know just in case :)
We want to be prepare just in case we are able to do this:
Finn on the other hand is not a huge fan of being cold
He spent most of his time in the snow pouting in the wagon
I am on the fence. I would LOVE to feel cold and wear a sweater.... maybe just for a week or two :)
Has it snowed where you live? Do you feel like there needs to be snow and cold for it to be Christmas? You would think I would be used to it having grown up in a warm place, but even there I would need to sport a jumper in the mornings. Hope where ever you are your holiday season is fabulous!


  1. I agree snow=christmas. I have spent a few abroad and it just doesn't feel right when it's 80'.

  2. We live in Texas near the gulf coast. We don't get snow except on rare occasions (small, dirty amounts). I lived in northern France for a little while, but I didn't have to drive in the snow, and I didn't have a baby yet. I think it would be nice to visit a snowy place, but moving to one would take a lot of adjusting for me, especially since I am originally from the tropical and humid Philippines.

  3. I live in the Arizona desert right now. I lived in the AZ high country for years where it snows very heavily. (By that, I mean feet of snow for 5 months out of the year, shut down the town snow, 4x4 only in some areas snow, cry because you have to get up 2 hours early to shovel your car out before work snow)

    When I moved back to the desert region - I thought that I would be happy to have a break. (after all, you don't have to shovel sunshine) but I miss it. I miss it so bad! I want to make snow ice cream, and build snowmen and go sledding, wake up to that soft white silence after a heavy snowfall the night before, etc. Maybe it's like forget the pain and only remember the joy?!?!

    I plan to move to another region of the country that has real "weather" very soon.......It's great to wear shorts in December.....but I need leaves that change color and crisp air.

  4. This is my first christmas w/o snow too. It feels very weird to hear Christmas songs and be sweating.

  5. Right now, it is snowing so hard out! We are supposed to get 6-8 inches by tonight and by tomorrow night 16 inches!! Plus, we already had a bunch from the last snowstorm that we had last weekend! I love snow, but don't always love the cold, we were supposed to be in California for Christmas, but I am happy that we are waiting until afterward to go! I love a snowy Christmas!

  6. I've never known snow at Christmas. Living in Australia, Christmas-time is always mild, warm or extremely hot BUT never cold and snowy!
    It's not quite the same eating a hot Christmas dinner on a hot day versus eating that hot dinner on a cold and snowy day!!

  7. There's no snow in Utah right now, either, if it makes you feel better! I'm still holding out hope for a white Christmas though.


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