Sunday, October 17, 2010

You win some you loose some and some are just {stolen}

Evie is finally on the mend after several looooooooooooooong nights. Thank you all so much for your kind words and prayers, it made me feel infinitely better :) She was well enough this morning that we were able to get our final family pictures done! Here is a sneak peak:
Unfortunately after pictures were done we all dove right in the ocean. While swimmin' around both our car and our friends car had windows smashed and contents stolen {including my favorite Target necklace, one that looks expensive but is not}. They left our ipods and my Frye boots which made me soooo thankful. Sawyer was really upset by the whole experience and kept asking me if I wanted my necklace back and then asked if I would spank the boys who took it ha! I am just so very grateful that my Hubby is crazy protective of my camera bag and all but makes me swim with it so it also was safe. My friend joked that she hopes the pictures were worth it :)
On a lighter and awesome note, I am also so excited for a really fun give away I will be doing this week. Are you having a hard time finding a gorgeous original christmas card? Don't want the same 'ole Costco one that all your neighbors will have? Well hold onto your stockings because I am here to rescue you. As a hint hop on over to one of the most talented photographers I know, Angie from Simplicity's blog and look HERE to see her new Christmas cards, oh they are so gorgeous! Oh I can't wait! AND, if you love Evie's dress:
(I am sooo in love with this dress) then stay tuned for the tutorial!!!


  1. I'm glad baby girl is feeling better!

    Sorry sorry about all of your stolen goods. That's just terrible!

    The dress is absolutely adorable. I love the color combination.

  2. So sorry about the car break in! I would be so upset. That's good you're all ok and that a lot of important items weren't taken. Love the dress. I hope to start learning how to make clothes.

  3. LOVE your blog...truly inspiring, beautiful, and the list would go on and on, but the kids gotta go to school. I´ve posted a link to your blog on my inspirational blogs list hoping more latinas can come pay you a visit! Greetings from Mexico and congrats!

  4. Maybe this will make you smile after some poop head stole your stuff: My twin girls, who are 22 months, were watching me read this, and when they saw that last picture they both started smiling, dancing, and shouting "AWWWW! Pretty Baby! Pretty baby party, Mama?" (Evidently if she was wearing a dress that pretty she MUST be going to a party. :D)

  5. So sorry to hear about your car, and your necklace! That's horrible! But on the other hand, what a blessing to have not had your camera bag in there. Your family pictures are darling! Please tell us your kids are always that well behaved for you!! :)
    Can't wait for the giveaway! and the super cute dress tut!

  6. Kelly, I just noticed one of the boys' ties! LOVE IT! I am going to make a "grown up" version for my hubby for our family pics out of Amy Butler Acanthus in Duck Egg. I think I scoured the last 1 1/2 yards on the face of the Earth for sale. Had to get it from New Zealand but I HAD to have that fabric....I'm sure you can relate!

    Love and Hugs, Jess

    PS. you own that kid a spankin! haha sooo cute!

  7. Oohh I love that dress. I cant wait for the tutorial..Im soo sorry about the break in..I had this happen to me a couple of weeks ago and they took about $200 worth of baby clothes..its just so frustrating and irrating..but it could of been alot worse too...
    Hope you have a better week!!!

  8. What a beautiful family, and a very very sweet little dress!!

  9. that sucks...i have been broken into several times too...twice in college and once here on guam...

    such a violation...better your car than your home though, i always say!!!


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