Sunday, October 10, 2010

"I am Batman... until I am Superman" Reversible cape tutorial

My boys LOVE dressing up. Our costumes get serious use. Usually they are in and out and in and out, over and over. What makes this process a lot easier is their reversible Superman to Batman cape. I first made it for Sawyer and his best friend Fischer when they were about 9 months... yeah I know jumpin' the gun just a tich ha! We had a birthday party this weekend for our twin friends Zara and Felix. I didn't want to bring any of the cheapy toys you can get here on the island and our birthday present supply has run dry so I thought why not make Felix one of the cool capes and share with you how I make them at the same time!
I know there are tons of cape tutorials so I am not thinkin' I am all original, but just in case for those new to sewing there are some fun little tricks in here that are good to know :)
about a half a yard both of blue fabric and black fabric
red, black and yellow felt cut in the superhero symbol shapes
{I was short yellow felt so I used some yellow fabric}
sewing machine
straight pins
the cool old Batman theme song stuck in your head
"Batman na na na na na na na na..... Batman"

I free handed my symbols but you can easily do a google image search and come up with TONS of symbols to print out and use as templates. But to save you a step here is a good SUPERMAN one and a good BATMAN one.
Now for the superman, which is a tiny bit more involved. If you have yellow felt this is sooo easy. Just cut the shape of a shield that is smaller or exactly the same size as the {S}. Lay the red {S} on top of the yellow felt and sew around the edges. If you are like me and don't have access to felt and save every single scrap, then this is how you do it with yellow fabric. Cut a shield shape the same size as the {S}
Now you will need to cut out your cape. Lay your blue fabric on top of your black fabric. Now fold the fabric in half lengthwise. This will make sure both sides are exactly the same. Starting several inch's in cut a longgggggg slow sloper down to the fold. Make your ties at least 4 inch's wide cutting down at a nice easy angle to the bottom make the cape become wider as you go down. The length of the cape is up to you.
Now pin your Batman symbol to the upper center of the black part of the cape. Using your yellow thread sew around the outside edges of the yellow oval attaching the symbol to the cape.
Repeat this process with your superman symbol switching out your yellow thread for your red thread. Now we are going to attach the two cape pieces.
Now comes the fun trick part. Thread blue thread through your sewing machine needle but use black thread in the bobbin.
After you have turned your cape right side out you are going to topstitch what you just sewed. Make sure to have the blue superman cape facing up. This way you are using the correct color thread on both sides and you won't see the stitching.
There you have it! Now fasten it on your little crime fighter....
and let the quest for justice begin!! I felt so bad because I made Zara a super fluffy bright purple tule tutu with glittery flowers and all she wanted was the cape. I tried to convince her that she could be a crime fighting fairy but it just didn't work. But can you really blame her? Superheros are pretty cool.


  1. These are precious! I just found your blog via Made and I love it! :)

    And I have a Sawyer too! Such a great name. You know what they say about great minds...

  2. I think they arr beautiful, I have a grandson who is into all of these super heroes so I will make him one to play with when he comes to visit.

  3. This is a great concept. My sister, also a FS spouse, e-mailed a link to your post with a request for a similar cape. Just finished it and it is adorable! Thanks for posting this.

  4. Caught your blog on "stumbleupon" and LOVE IT!!! I just got my first sewing machine, but I'm not a beginner seamstress. This is all stuff I can't wait to make!!!


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