Friday, October 29, 2010

Daring New Look

FINALLY we have internet again! Whoo hoo!!! Who knew a day and a half without internet connection could be so stressful ha! I am so excited to talk about the new look of the blog. First some background. When I started the blog a few months ago I promised the hubby it wouldn't end up costing mola. Well, I must admit I was envious of how good other blogs looked and I have NEVER claimed to be computer savvy so there was no way I could figure out how to spruce up mine. While in Rome I received a lovely email from Amy at Designer Blogs asking if in leu of material she could help out with a blog design. UM? OH MY GOSH! I was so excited. I knew I wouldn't be able to concentrate until I got home so Amy was kind enough to wait. Then the creative process started! Designer blogs is fantastic in that they allow you to pick images/ designs from HUNDREDS of stock images, or you can have a completely custom design made! Here is the amazing part. I have a horrible idea of what I like and have HUGE respect for interior designers or in this case blog designers who can reach inside your mind and pull out EXACTLY what you yourself could not articulate. I gave Amy so much garbledegook aka: "I like swirls and birds and muted colors and things that are pretty etc. etc." and with that tiny bit of guidance and looking at other blogs I sent her that I liked taddah!!! She came up with something I absolutely LOVE! Then she was crazy patient with me as I figured out how to use all the little bits and pieces. She answered all my silly questions promptly and kindly as opposed to "Seriously girl? First you need to turn on your computer" ha! What is wonderful about Designer Blogs is that they are sooooo affordable. I thought having a custom blog would be outrageously expensive but I think they realize they will get A LOT more customers (and return customers) if they keep their prices affordable. So if you need a stocking stuffer, or a halloween gift :) or a fresh new look for your blog to be thankful for hop on over HERE and check them out. Of course I HIGHLY recommend Amy but I am sure the other team members are fantastic too. I hope you love the new look as much as I do, and that things are a little more organized and more accessible!


  1. LOVE your new design! They did a fantastic job! I also recently had them do my blog and had a fantastic experience. So happy you have internet back!


  2. I thought your old look was lovely so I was a bit surprised when I read the update on my reader. I popped on over to take a look and this is beautiful! Amy is talented. It's like your blog got a brand new dress!

  3. Hey, it looks great...but how do I search your blog for past tutorials that I love?


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