Saturday, October 30, 2010

A Good 2 Cents

Since photography dominates a HUGE part of my life I love talking with other photographers. I always learn something new and I feel like it helps keep me fresh and current. Chelsey, the photographer behind Pink Fig Photography does fabulous work. I love that her looks aren't overtly trendy like so many photographers right now (um, myself included often times) Her images are ones you would be able to keep for decades not have to redo next year :) I asked if she would share some tips to getting the most out of your photoshoot in hope of helping ya'll get prepared for the inevitable Christmas card photo duh duh duhhhhhhhhh. She offers some fabulous advice! Check out her official site HERE or her lovely blog HERE. If you are in UT I would absolutely book a session with her soon before all her holiday spots fill up, and um not to pour lemon juice in a paper cut but did I hear ya'll got snow yesterday? Ouch.  But it sure makes a fun backdrop!! (trying to make lemonade with that juice now). Here's Chelsey:

Hi Everyone! My name is Chelsey and I'm the photographer behind Pink Fig Photography. I'm so excited to be a guest today on Sewing in No Man's Land. I love Kelly's tutorials and of course her blog. Kelly asked me to share some information from a photographer's perspective about what to wear, acting natural and great background ideas.

What to Wear:

I hate to break it to you but "matchy-matchy" is out. The days of matching polos or black shirts and khaki's are over. Now are the days of layers, patterns, accessories, textures and originality! Try adding a cardigan or scarf over your tops to make your outfit look more complete. A good way to get ideas for your outfits is to check different clothing websites online and take a look at their current clothing lines.

Another fun way to make your family coordinate is to choose one particular color, texture or pattern that everyone wears a little of. This will help pull the entire look together. The fall colors for 2010 are really fun this year. Along with the traditional fall colors: modern metallic, camel, rich purple, mixed olives, pale blue and bright red are in. How fun are these colors for family pictures? Add some gorgeous fall leaves in the background and you've got one beautiful picture.

I love when I photography a family that brings their own personality and originality to their photos, it completes a photo.

Three Tips for Acting Normal:

  1. Handle your Hands: If you or your children are nervous then you may have a hard time acting natural, especially with placing your hands. Try holding an object to help distract you from being nervous. This will also help you look more natural in your pictures with the object in place.

  2. Bring a Chair: I always bring a stool to every shoot. If you are having a hard time standing and acting natural because of nerves, try sitting. Most of the time if you are sitting, it will help loosen you up and help the natural look.

  3. Distractions: Distractions are a great way to get natural looking photos. Especially when taking pictures of children. I will usually talk to my subjects about something that interests them; such as their family, pets, or favorite cartoon character. Hey, I will even bark like a dog if it gets you to smile! It also helps your photographer out if you help get your children to smile when they are being photographed. Try standing behind the photographer and asking, "Where's Mommy/Daddy?" then jump out and surprise them.

Background Ideas:

When choosing a background, keep in mind what style of pictures you would like. A good way to choose is by picking a place that is special to your family or a place where your family feels comfortable. Keep an eye out for landmarks, old buildings, and landscapes that catch your eye.

I love backgrounds with lots of textures. For example, an old brick building or fall leaves have great texture. If you are unsure of a location that fits your wants and needs, ask your photographer. When I schedule a photo shoot I always offer my clients a list of my favorite local locations. Let your photographer know what you are looking for in a location and they can help you find one if you are unsure.

Ask and Involve Your Photographer:
It's important to involve your photographer in the process with you. When your photographer understands what you are wearing and what you are going for it will help your pictures come together. If you need an opinion on a location or clothing ideas, ask your photographer. By working with your photographer before your photo shoot, you will be able to achieve what you are looking for and love the outcome.

Thanks Chelsey! I think that is some really good advice. Especially the bit about talking to your photographer about what you want to get out of the shoot. I know that sounds obvious, um good pictures please, but if you want traditional and your photographer took tons of candids... well then no one will be happy, because I promise us photographers feel AWFUL if there aren't tons of pictures you love :) I hope that gave you some food for thought..... now go fill up that tummy with yummy halloween candy!!!


  1. I could tell she was in Utah just by that second photo on this post! gotta love the Lehi State Street buildings.

    great post by the way so many great tips!

  2. Great tips-thanks! I'll have to book a session-I'm, lucky me, in Utah!. :)

  3. The backgrounds and creative poses she uses are amazing! New ideas…Smart photography!

  4. Hey there, love your tips for acting natural Chelsey, specially 1. and 2.! I had to smile at the family on the train tracks - here in Oz and in the UK, all our train tracks are fenced off and there are masssiiiive fines for walking on them!


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