Sunday, October 24, 2010

Time to vote and some major inspiration!

The first projects are up HERE at Sew Dang Cute and OH MY GOSH are they amazing. I am determined to do several of them this week. It is such a fun way to get totally inspired. Lets see if you can guess which one is mine :) The internet is down at our house, boo, so I headed over to a cafe which has it's up sides {chaco hazelnut milkshake being the main one} but it has it's minus's, I can't really upload pics here. Hopefully it will be revived at our house tomorrow and I can share with you the wonderful things that went on at the orphanage this weekend. I am so excited to show you how some of the fabric I have received has been put to good use. Also this next week I have a fun theme, 3 dollar dresses. I will be sharing 3 patterns for 3 dress all that cost me 3 dollars!!! 2 mommy dresses and 1 little bubs dress. Thanks for taking the time to vote! Hope your weekend is fantastic! I am wishing we could go somewhere like this together:
and drink hot chocolate and pick out pumpkins. Maybe get lost in an apple orchard.
We will be carving pumpkins soon, they actually have them here year round because they are a major staple in the locals diet. I think we may paint them first though as they are all green ha!


  1. those are BEAUTIFUL pictures! You can come to my house and play with pumpkins and leaves and apples and take pictures of my family ;) We have a large supply of leaves, even, since my hubby hasn't gotten around to raking and I'm 9 months pregnant so the only raking I've been doing is enough to make a jumping-pile for my daughter, hehe.

  2. Lovely photos and fabulous colors for the tutu!

  3. Tell me that you made an adult yorkshire dress!? I want one SOOO bad and cannot wait for you to put the tute up! OH! I'm dreaming of colors right now! Maybe paired with that knock off Kate Spade! YAY! I love this crafting with the stars! You guys are amazing!

  4. Looks beautiful there. It's unreal. The leaves don't really change colors in at least our part of Texas, and when they do, it's really really late compared to other places. It's 88 degrees right now as I type this (but it feels like 89 according to

  5. We're in in FULL COLOR as the leaves are bursting with shades and hues only the Creator could paint!!

    I am guessing it's the Somerset dress?? You love dresses, and color, and this has both..

    I LOVE all the other entries as well--would love to try to make some--but the dress & tweed bag were my favorites :)

  6. Congrats on advancing on CRAFTING with the STARS.

    I look forward to getting to know you better.

    All of the projects were so awesome.

    Cheri from and

  7. just wanted to let you know I featured you tonight :)


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