Thursday, October 7, 2010

Sneaking in before the MADE post....

because they are just too cute not to post. This is Evie on our last night in Italy. It was the tinsiest bit cold so I jumped at the chance to put her in an outfit I bought her before she was born (and well before I knew we would be living in a hot climate year round)
We sure do love her, even if she does spend the majority of her outside time chewing on rocks!
As much as I love Timor I have to admit it was hard to come back. I really miss thinking up an idea and being able to jump in the car and in one stop have everything I need, as opposed to scouring every "store" (or stand on the side of the road" and finding something sort of like what I need but not really. I do love it here and we are so blessed to be here in hundreds of ways. I knew the onset of fall would be tough for me. I just have to remind myself that if and when there is a major snow storm in DC I will be thrilled to be building sand castles and eating ice cream. Thanks for letting me sulk a bit and please someone eat a candy corn and mallow pumpkin for me.


  1. She looks as cute as a button! I'll eat some candy corn in your honor!

  2. She is too sweet for words.
    Halloween candy for all! :)

  3. i hear you!...guam is great, but ohio was MADE to spend october in!

  4. I would love a candy corn or 50! Not any here in England either. BUT a nice warm sandy beach sounds like heaven.


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