Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Just a Heads up!

Three super quick things (and a smattering of randomness which is sooo like me) before a halloween post that I am VERY excited for. I thought I would share some of my fav. photos taken on the beach in Italy because a post with out pictures is hardly a proper post at all :)
The Bali Break Tunic was missing Page 5, so sorry about this. It is uploaded and ready to go! You can find it HERE I need to be better about checking those. Thank you for bringing it to my attention :) Hope it didn't cause too much of a headache.
Secondly, I receive lots of emails with query's about my header (which fingers crossed will be updated soon). I totally wish I could claim that the dress in the photo was made by me but it is from Anthropologie purchased last winter for my mommy daughter photo shoot {a little glimpse can be seen HERE} with one of my favorite photographers Leah Miller {she squeezed Evie and I in while I flew out for 2 days for a photo shoot I was on :)}. I also get asked where the location is. It is in Lehi, UT at the coolest abandoned house ever. Funny story, the police totally drove up right after this shoot and thank heavens I was nursing Evie and just acted like I had pulled off to do JUST that. The police officer actually said "We just have to check because some crazy photographers have been taking pictures here for some reason" HAAAA! It is a great location if you are in UT. I snuck back there for the maternity shoot for my wonderful friend:
and her gorgeous daughter whom I want Sawyer to marry sooooo bad.
Back to the dress, I did replicate it in purple and will try to make a tutorial.
Thirdly, and possibly most importantly, Evie would like to know when wearing pants/ or underroos as hats is going to catch on because honestly she looks like this several times a day:
Can't wait to share the Halloween tutorial with you!


  1. Love the pictures. I've never been to UT, but I'd like to visit it someday.

  2. Seriously cute photos on the beach! Looking forward to the Halloween post :)

  3. Any chance I could get directions to that fabulous house? I've been looking for a place to take my sister's family photos, and she lives in Lehi. I promise not to get arrested. :) Gorgeous stuff, as always!

  4. Hi Kelly,
    I just have to say that I think your blog is UH-MAZ-ING. and I'm totally smitten with your work. all of it! Photos, Tutorials, your beautiful family! AH! Totally loving it all! Just wanted to say thank you for being amazing and posting all of this lovely work for us to learn from!
    ps...love to hear where the secret house is too- on our way to Lehi in a few short weeks and I'd love ya forever!

    Your newest fan,


  5. Those are GREAT pictures!! I love the story about the police looking for crazy photographers, classic!

  6. I still cannot find the page 5 for the bali break tunic. Can you post a link for us please pretty pretty please... Btw love your work and your umm shall we say challenge you have set forth for yourself.

  7. Thank You Thank You Thank You...

  8. I, too, would love to know where the house it. I live in Lehi, and have probably driven past it countless times.


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