Sunday, January 2, 2011

Sparkly & Bright

After WEEKS of trying I finally was able to get Mediafire to upload the Pottery Barn PJ's pattern!!! Woo hoo!! You can find it HERE. I also fixed the link to it in the tutorial. This is wonderful as I have received over 35 emails about it... yeah that many ha! I would say 95% of them were so sweet though so thats great! Happy JimJam making!

For the first apron in Apron Week I really wanted to make one of my own designing. I wanted something to wear while prepping for our New Years party so I wanted it to be on the glamorous side, without going over board... after all it is going to get cake mix splattered on it :) I also had been mooning over some lace one of my lovely readers Hillary sent me and thought I should break down and use it. Thus was born the Sparkly and Bright apron:
It is your basic halter apron with a touch of romance at the collar:
I like the layer look that the HMS Lollipop offered so I used that then added the lace to give it some *omf*. I really love how it turned out and think it would look gorgeous over a pretty party dress, I was in jeans an and a shirt and it still looked pretty cute!
My one regret would be that I didn't make the waist tie long enough. I thought for sure it was but if you try and tie a bow it gets all bunched and tiny, so I have to stick with a knot.
The pattern for this apron will be available when I post the tutorial on my Shabby Apple knock off of their Carmel Apple Pie apron. I will also add the few extra steps for adding the lace and making the bottom have layers during that tutorial. I hope your New Years was full of sparkles and fun and that 2011 is full of happiness and blessings! 


  1. Seriously. Can you be any cuter?

    love your guts

  2. Hello, just a note. You can use a gmail account to upload PDFs to google docs, Its free and no ads. Make sure its either set to public or anyone with the link, before you link to it in the blog.


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