Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Flower Petals Apron

This particular apron did not end up the way I expected, or really wanted it to end up. I only had very stiff tulle on hand. Do NOT use extra stiff tulle, it does not lay or gather nicely. I am determined to unpick it and replace it with some nice soft tulle once I find some. I think it would look lovely with the right tulle. As is I LOVE the fabric combinations on this one. The fabric is from Chirpy Designs.
It is a really easy apron to make and I think it would look so great with several layers of light tulle under it. {Once again you are going to need to make some ties.} I love the bright pink contrast
For the waistband I used the same waistband pattern that I used for the "Taking Notes Skirt" which you can find HERE.  I love the high waist look, if you do to then click on the Tell Me More and find out how to make it!

What you need:
1 yard of fabric
1/3 yard lining fabric
3 yards SOFT tulle
Straight pins
Sewing Machine

Once you have printed out the pattern cut one of your main fabric and one of your lining. Using the rest of your lining make apron ties. You will use the rest of your main fabric for the main part of your apron.
Now take your waistband to the ironing board and iron over the remaining raw edges (the sides and the bottom).
Once you are done, make your two ties anyway you like. This time I sewed two long pieces together, left one end unsewn and then flipped them right side out. Once made slide your two ties in between the side pieces. Then topstitch down the sides.
Next take the remaining main fabric and make a nice long rectangle. Again this apron can be as long as you like. The wider it is the fluffier it is. Once you have created a nice long rectangle you are going to hem the sides and bottom. Once that is done sew a gathering stitch across the top. Gather up the top until it is the same length as your waistband.
Now you are going ot repeat this process with your tulle. cut your tulle so that it is just shorter then your main fabric. I sewed mine together to make a longgggggg rectangle. Then I gathered it up until it was the same length as the waistband.
Once you are done you are going to slide all the layers up in between the ironed edges and pin
Top Stitch across the top through all of the layers. You are finished! Totally easy, just use the right type of tulle so that is a lot fluffier then mine ha!


  1. Kelly! This is soooo cute! I have got to get started on this today! :)

  2. Oh my goodness this is so cute! I really want to make this once I have time :)

  3. This apron would be pretty enoough to be a skirt almost!

  4. I just made a mini one for my three year old. Super easy and really cute! She's thrilled and now the four year old wants one too! I used the 12 month waist band as a guide for my girls, just cut it out a tad bigger.


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