Sunday, January 30, 2011

Children's Clothes-- Stores you should know

While I LOVE being able to whip out a dress for myself every now and then (and am feeling the itch to this weekend) my real love is {duh} making clothes for my cuties. After everyone else is asleep I am either sewing away OR browsing my favorite children's clothiers online. Since most of these stores are only found outside the US I mainly look at them for inspiration, but there are a few that do sell items online. There are of course hundreds of fun children's clothiers out there, I just thought every so often I could share one of my favorites with you. Today I have to tell you about:
First of all you should know I am OBSESSED with cute little girl shoes. 

So even if Elias & Grace only sold their shoes I would STILL be addicted to their site
But they don't just sell shoes. They sell Uh-mazingly perfect children's clothes as well. 
They also have this in Chambray and I LOVE it. Added bonus their boy items are fabulous
Now their prices are fairly steep but their sales are fantastic. I am considering grabbing these wellies since I think they would look awesome on either my boys or Evie

I guess I kinda see this store as England's answer to America's Crewcuts
They also have a fun little "magazine" that comes out each season dubbing the must have items. 
They are currently have a great winter sale and *bonus* they do ship.... although it will set you back 25 sterling to ship to the states, ouch. But for some of those shoes? Yeah, I totally did it. Hope you find some of your own inspiration!
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PPS Have you voted for your favorite over on Project Run and Play? You, like, totally should!


  1. Have you gotten into the Japanese sewing books yet? I became addicted in KL after finding them (and lots of other crafty books) in Kinokuniya. I think they have a store in Jakarta as well.

  2. I love seeing how your patterns. I can't wait till my little one is here so I know what to make.

    There is an award for you on my blog.

  3. Oh my. My pinterest kid board is about to get a whole lot fuller.


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