Monday, January 10, 2011

Checking on our investments

Today I had big plans. I was going to upload the pattern for the Razzelberry Apron and finish the post for the USS Lollipop. But instead I checked on our investments. See most people invest in stocks, bonds, CD's etc. we decided to invest in something more solid and tangible, wooden trains to be exact.
When Sawyer was 18 months he began his obsession with Thomas the Train. I had waited for him to be into "something", for that moment when you gave him a gift and it was exactly what he wanted and he was thrilled to have it. Those of you who have children who love trains know how the "Thomas" company works. Introducing new trains, retiring others, those sneaky guys. It was fabulous taking him to ride Thomas and on the metro in DC. When we came to Timor Sawyer's suitcase was chock a box full of trains. In the last year he has slowly become less interested. He still loves wearing the shirts and now then will watch a DVD but he has moved on to robots, aliens and transformers. I miss the days when I was a mighty builder of railroad tracks. We now have hundreds of pieces of track and probably just as many trains. My heart broke when Sawyer held up Annie and Clarabel a few weeks ago and asked "whats their name again?" So, when Sawyer asked me to play trains with him today I nearly cried. We built an incredible track and I listened as he and Finn made up songs about trains.
That evening after making sure the kids had taken their anitmilarial medication, their fluoride and their vitamins Sawyer asked me why he had to take all this, I told him it was so he could grow big and strong. He looked at me and said "But mom, you said you don't want me to grow up." In that moment nothing could be more true.
Sawyer I don't want you to grow up. I don't want any of them to grow up. I want them to stay small and love things as innocent as Thomas. Then while they were napping to remind myself even further how fleeting these moments are I listened to this song:

I am apparently a glutton for punishment :) This song always makes me cry, it is as if Mindy has reached into every mommies heart and put it to beautiful music. Add into it that my father everyday as I left for school would tell me to "remember who you are" and to me it is perfect. I hope you had some special moments today with the small people in your life, even if it means postponing a few things :)


  1. Today I was talking to my 17 yr old son about building cities with his train tracks when he was small. I haven't been able to part with his tracks still after all these years. I'm hoping someday to set them up for grandchildren.

    After a few minutes of quiet my son says, 'Mom, do you want to build a blanket fort with me? I could probably do most of it myself!' Of course he was teasing me.

    It's sad & hard when they grow up but not all sad. I have loved every age as my son has become a man & you will too. It really is just as thrilling to do adult things with him as it was to do little boy things years ago.

  2. Awww...I'm going to go kiss my boy right now.

  3. That's how I feel about my babies, too. I love them so. Yes, yes, I do.

  4. The post. The pictures. The song.
    So sweet.

    I've been collecting all things "Thomas" in a box in storage. I've been telling my hubby "I am going to sell them" and feeling like I am lying to him, because how can I sell them!?

    My oldest is 8, and my baby turns 6 next week. He likes Legos and Transformers and Star Wars and nothing as sweet as Thomas anymore. :*(


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