Sunday, January 30, 2011

San Marino Dress for Project Run and Play

This weeks challenge over at Project Run and Play was to find an adult
outfit and create it for children. I took this to mean we were
supposed to be inspired by an adult outfit and "minify" it for our
munchkins... I am over the top nervous that I interpreted this wrong
but whatcha gunna do right? Anyhow, I have been coveting Shabby Apples San Gabriel dress for
over a year.

Every time there is a sale I pop it in my cart and then after an hour
of browsing other sites I force myself to close the browser and walk
away. I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to try it out on a
less intimidating scale. So, I can up with the San Marino (a small
suburb of San Gabriel in CA).
I love how it turned out. Although when I make an adult version I will
tone down the ruffle a tad to be more like the original. But my
gorgeous little model loves over the top ruffles so I had to deliver.
In an effort to make it more child friendly, instead of a ton of
buttons you have to wrangle your cutie into  I used several
little velcro strips to close the bodice then just sewed the faux
buttons onto the top ;) Saves you time getting your princess in and
out with the added bonus of not having to make a zillion button holes
woo hoo! (of course you can put the real buttons in if you like).
I just love the sea of ruffles everywhere and I must say I am really
proud of how well made this dress it. It took me a LONG time to create
and get the pattern right but it was worth it!
The pattern and tutorial will be available at this weekend so you
can take your own sewing vaca to a suburb in sunny California :) If
you have a moment hop on over and vote for it on Project Run and Play
(make sure to cast a vote not just leave a comment, not that we don't
LOVE comments). I am super nervous about this week. Mainly because I
am really excited about next weeks theme and am just crossing my
fingers at this point that I squeak through :)


  1. You really are amazing!! I don't know why you are worried about squeaking through, it seems that I noticed that you WON the last round, right? :) I wish I could come sit next to you and learn from you genius! I will be closer in a few weeks, but still so far away! Ha ha! (BTW I went private on my blog, but I added you, as I'm sure you noticed, not that my blog is all that exciting. Hopefully it will be soon, though!)

  2. OH MY GOSH!!! i die. VOTED, again- you're going all the way through Kelly!! It's just beautiful!

  3. I Love it!!! Beautiful!! I'm from San Gabriel, CA so love the names too :) I'm new to your blog and Love it!

  4. You did an amazing job. You do things with fabric that make me gasp. Please keep it up.


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