Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Uptown Dress: A Guest Tutorial

Amanda from If Life Was Like A Cupcake (found HERE) and Patricia Rea Designs has been so sweet and offered to share this fabulous tutorial with us for her Uptown dress. I love the ruffle on the shoulder, so chic, and I know Evie will want a clutch when she gets a little bigger (to cart around all her prized polly pockets I am sure). I am so excited for her getting a DSLR your picture world has just entered a whole new world Amanda! I was thinking about doing a post about the camera/ lenses/ actions I use and give a few examples of editing. Would that be interesting or not so much? For now enjoy this feast for the eye and thank you bunches Amanda!
Okay it's here, the tutorial I can't wait to show everyone, I'm so excited to be a guest host on Sewing in no mans land. So I would like to for worn everyone there are a couple of things to this outfit so lots of pictures are ahead.. I call it:

The Up-Town Look...

I will start with this little dress which is made out of a bed sheet, thats right a bed sheet and a old top of a shirt...

so I took the top of the shirt and measured my little model, pinned to fit and then sewed right down each side. then you just cut of your extra fabric hanging off (the notebook is my drawing of the dress I drew up the other day)

showing you how I cut the bottom half of the dress

cut two pieces for the bottom half, pin sides right side together and sew.

now I stuffed the bottom part up into the top (but don't make my mistake) right sides together (not wrong sides like me. what I usually do is over lap the fabric and pin every couple of inches trying to show you here.

After you sew your two pieces together you want to pin the top to make straight and even, then sew.

next for the straps you want to iron them down to make flat then, I went to my sewing machine and sewed four lines down each strap for something different using black thread.

after your strap is sewn grab a piece of your sheet or whatever you want to use. Making sure the fabric is twice as long as your strap. Fold right sides together, sew leaving a gap, then flip right side out.

then you want to take the piece twice as long as your strap and ruffle it up.

Pin to one of your straps and sew on

Pin and sew on your straps and your done with your dress..

it should look like this so far (needs to be ironed)

Next Blow dryer Hair Clip


Cut two felt pieces from the pattern

Cut one felt piece with a slit and place your hair clip in set aside

I usually embroider everything on but I chose to use glue this time

place some glue on to the top of the blow dryer, then I took some embroider thread and placed it on the glue..

like so, then you want to glue your blow dryer piece on to your main felt piece (the pink)

as your gluing down the felt, place a piece of the black embroider thread under the blow dryer piece dab some glue and make your "cord". Then I dabbed some glue in the middle of the blow dryer piece and placed some white thread for the "high and low switch"

Now it's time to sew each piece together, I always start with the top piece so the knot is in between the piece,

Viola you made a blow dryer hair clip

For the Clutch I used my tutorial found HERE and added a big old bow..

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial as much as I enjoyed making it!

Peace Love and Cupcakes



  1. Kelly,

    I could not thank you enough, thank you :o)...means a lot to be on your wonderful blog. And YES please show me how to use this camera lol i'm still clueless to it, and I LOVE how your pictures come out...


    p.s if anyone has any question feel free to ask :)

  2. Adorable dress!! So cute and doesn't look too difficult!
    I'd love a camera tutorial/tips, too!

  3. Amanda- the dress is so cute! Wonderful tutorial!

    Kelly- lenses, actions info would be awesome! I still just have the one lens and was thinking of getting a macro lens as well as a longer distance lens (not sure if I'm even using the right terminology!) And who couldn't use more actions?!

    Love and Hugs, Jess

  4. Beautiful little dress!! And YES!! I always need tips on camera/editing/everything photography!!


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