Thursday, September 2, 2010

I am weird like that....CLOSED

Sorry this took so long to get to. We FINALLY had Evie's party last night after postponing it three times! Alright, so you are going to think I am totally odd, but, I have a wallet from Target that I adore. It is yellow (apparently my favorite color) and very plain. I REALLY like it though. I also have a fabulous diaper bag my wonderful Mum gave me as a gift when I was preggers with Evie. She said she wanted to buy me one really nice baby item and a Stork Sac won out, ironically the same day I won one in an Ebay bid ha making me all set on the purse front as well. When my lovely friend here in Timor asked if I wanted some Burberry items that she had brought with her from London and never used or intended to use I thought hmmm, I don't per say, but I bet I know a few people who might! :) Here is where you come in. I really wanted this to be for people who actually read the blog and are kind enough to comment and keep my spirits lifted and connect with a stranger a gabiliion miles away, hence the rule that you have to have left a comment and be a follower (I REALLY don't like that term {follower}, I was raised not to be a follower, now I have such negative reactions to it. I wish they had another option like {partner in crime} or {fellow creative genius}, I'll write blogger and suggest it) Up for grabs for the winner #1 is a fantastic Haymarket Check shoulder bag.

This is a sample bag from last season meaning there is probably some minuscule defect. I have been scouring it and can't find anything. It has it's tags and "dust" bag.
I think it would be great for a mom who has lots of crud to haul around (don't we all?) but doesn't have time to switch bags between playgroup and date night.
(Che Che our housekeeper/nanny/ photography assistant/ closest friend here in Timor was laughing when I pulled out my new coat and made her put it on for our 2 second shoot).
Winner #2 gets the cool wallet that was in the sneak peak. It is also brand spankin' new and again is a sample and has a tiny rubbed part in one corner. Say it isn't so! But it does come in a fun funky box.
The bag retails at $725 and the Wallet at $285, crazy absurd prices and I would chastise ALL of you for paying anything like that for said items, thank goodness they are being given away ha! Here are the rules, aside from the previous commentor/ follower, answer me one of these:
1. Have you ever gotten a creative headache? You know when it feels like your brain is literally bursting with ideas so much so that it hurts because you cannot concentrate on everything at once? Please say I am not actually going crazy or have an aneurism I need to worry about.
2. Have you ever seen a tutorial and you think to yourself "Uh Uh there is no way it is that easy" or "no way it is actually done that way". I am just frustrated right now with Martha Stewarts tutorial for the party puff ball thingy's found HERE. 6 pieces of tissue paper? Yeah right! That is like 40 pieces of tissue paper. It drives me nuts when there are tutorials that aren't "real".... hope none of mine are like that ;)
3. What is your favorite thing about Fall? I know I am going to have a REALLY hard time in a few weeks when I start seeing all the cute fall crafts every where, blogs, store websites etc. Fall is hands down my favorite season and I almost can't bear that I am going to miss it. I will have to live vicariously through all of you. And just for fun a Pic of Evie waiting for her guests to arrive last night.
Okay so answer which ever you like and mention which post you commented on previously (if you don't mind and can remember, totally trust you and do NOT have the time to check, I'm just sayin') and you are in! will pick a winner on Sunday evening and it will be in the mail by Tuesday. Good luck Flurberry friends!


  1. I am a follower who leaves comments....both of our love Christmas cards :)
    #3 - the crisp Fall air, pumpkin everything and pulling out a nice cozy sweater!

  2. oh my goodness I could scream how exciting is this I totally want to win. do I even have to mention how much I love your ideas (because you know I do lol)... :) my brain is never ending with ideas I feel like i'm going nuts at times


  3. I'm not sure if subscribing to your blog makes me a follower of your blog, I'm still a little unclear what the difference is bit I did leave acomment on your last post and I do read every post you put up. I'll answer the easiest question, #3: the smell. When the air is clear and crisp and cool, and there's that smell of falling leaves and fireplaces burning and I don't know what else it is but it just smells like fall.

  4. Are you kidding me?? You're giving these away? I LOVE that purse... it would be so perfect for fall. I'm a "follower" (don't laugh) and I think the last post I commented on was the one about that adorable yellow skirt that you made in Mommy and Mini sizes (shameful that I haven't commented since then).
    My favorite thing about fall is the chill in the air that still has a hint of summer lingering on it. And as far as Martha Stewart goes... ugh, it's just too much for me!

    Have a great weekend! (Hope I win)

  5. I think you can change what the followers are called on your blog... On mine I believe it says "Loyal Subjects" because I didn't like "follower" either, and wanted something sillier!

    I have been a follower for a long time, and I commented on the last post, and the tutorial post of the Librarian Shirt you made!

    For your question, I always seem to have lots of ideas and plans! I finally bought a sketchbook, which seems to have helped... Many times I will see a dress or shirt on a little girl, think of how cute it is and how simple I could make a similar one, then get home and forget!

  6. I feel your pain about fall. We have lived in the desert regions so much over the past few years that I have missed out. In fact, the last time I really felt Fall was when we lived in Utah, about 5 years ago. Sigh. But one of the things that I love about the season is the change to cooler weather, and the beautiful colors that start to show, so pretty.

  7. I especially hate it when an object in a diagram gets flipped over and they don't say so.
    Martha's tutorials are often vague or even wrong--yours have been great! We both must have the same "just do what seems right" approach to things because you make sense to me!

    I commented on the pettiskirt tutorial with a question.

  8. Girl are you for real? You are way too nice to us! I can't remember all the posts I've commented on!

    I agree with Martha's "I make this look easy and it's so not!" idea. She has a corn husk fall wreath that is to die for gorgeous, but I sure as heck don't have the time or patience to dip each husk in a starch to stiffen it.

  9. I am a very happy follower of your blogand I posted a comment on yesterday's post (and I think somewhere else too ;) ). AND I have totally had that creative overload headache before. Mine always comes at night when I'm trying to sleep but I can't turn my brain off...which is unfortunate for me sleep wise but it seems to be the best time for me to figure out some sewing or crafting thing that I've been trying to figure out :) Thanks for such a nifty giveaway!

  10. I have been a follower from your very first post, but am not a commenter with the exception of the Christmas card post...of course it is no where to be found. Boo, who. If per chance I win and you need to pass for another, no worries. I LOVE favs are scarves, Pumpkin Lattes, Pumpkin candles, and pumpkins in general.

  11. I am really enjoying reading your adventures. I'm not sure I would be as brave as you are. Fall is my FAVORITE time of year. I love that it is the completion of harvest, I love the crispness in the air, the mellow temperatures, and the colors, and how the light begins to change. We celebrate our anniversary in September, too.

    I would pick the wallet. I've had the one I'm using since high school. (and I'm now 35).

  12. Ah, fall. The first cozy wearing of that sweater you've stored all summer...pumpkin spice latte at Starbucks...raking leaves...I'm looking forward to all of it!

    I've been a follower of your blog for so long, and your projects are so inspiring, I'm certain I've made a comment or two here and there.

    Thanks for this awesome giveaway!

  13. YEAH I am a partner in crime!!! lol

    I actually commented way back when you had 19 followers and was asking for your address... I have the fabric, it IS ready to ship... it IS NOT in the mail just yet!!! Sorry!!! It will be there by Christmas I promise!!! (hint it is cute and pink)

    HA HA HA creative headache... oh you bet I was at work tonight eyes glazed over, thinking about all the aprons that I could make for fall and christmas... and then tea towel holders, and then RUFFLES! Then came back, then drifted off again... I find that I need to sew at least 20 min a day to avoid such issues... I AM SO GLAD I AM NOT THE ONLY ONE!!!

    side note: my husband and I went to the city last week and there was the burberry store and I told him how much I would love to go in there, and see a real burberry item... but I totally chickened out... I will next time!!! This would be so cool to win... then I could see a real life burberry!

  14. I am a follower that reads more often than I comment but I did comment on your scarf tutorial ... and I'm planning on trying the Summer's Eve Dress.

    Fall is my favorite season ... so much that my husband and I married on the first day of fall, so it is now sentimental, too. I love the crisp air, the way the leaves change colors ... just the overall look and feel of Fall. C'mon random generator ... pick me!

  15. oh! you are very generous!
    well I'm a 'partner in crime' ;) and I did comment, not sure how many but, pretty sure that I comment in your post about christmas cards, falling leaves dress tutorial and in the tutu tutorial.
    I can answer the 3 questions! :)
    1 - the answer is yes. I have one currently, I have a zillion things that I wanna do before my hollidays and I can't because of my work, and a lot of family events!
    2 - the answer is yes again!
    3 - I like the fall's colours, I married in the fall and I usually have hollidays in the fall too!!!

  16. I have commented on a few. One being the Yo YO headband. My favorite part of fall is EVERYTHING. O love the smells, the apple picking, the colors. I live in New England and fall here is beautiful. I hope I win a bag!!

  17. Oh my goodness, that bag is heavenly!!! Love your blog and beautiful tutorials. I made the bird onsie, I should send you a pic :)
    My favorite part of fall is the changingn eaves and crisp air here in Ohio. It's my favorite time of year :)

  18. I follow and leave comments :) I'm going with the tutorial question. My SIL asked me to make a smocked dress for her daughter, so I scoured the internet for a good tutorial and came up with maybe 2. They make it seem so easy and talk about hand pleating, yet I noticed all the pleating was done with a pleater...hmmm. So I try it out doing it all by hand and...You've got to be kidding me!?! Needless to say I just bought a pleater last night off eBay to hopefully help me conquer this smocking thing.

    I LOVE your tutorials btw, and they ARE easy to follow. Thank you for that.

  19. I dream my craft or cake ideas which make it less sleep for me because i wake up ready to go. If i cant make it in my dream it's not happening in reality!
    I have commented on the post with the wallet
    I know I have commented on some of the little girls dresses. I just don't remember which ones!

  20. i am a follower and have left comments...

    three = my favorite thing about fall is trail ohio...and ohio! (go bucks go bengals!)...however, like you, i am living the ex-pat life in guam right now and will not be having a "fall"!

  21. I left a comment on "ruffled tummy toddler dress". Yes, I know exactly what you mean, I have a creative headache right now. I have to come up with some ideas of easy, cheap (and cute) things to sell at our church craft bazaar to benefit our Mom's group. I'm making up about 10 things to decide from. I can't keep anything straight and I'm running around to all these different stores trying to find the best deals on supplies. However, I think a creative headache is at least fun and you know it will be satisfying in the end! IMO. Awesome giveaway.

  22. Previous follower and commenter who loves fall. The colors, the pumpkins and of course the clothes :). I have so many craft/sewing projects piled up around the house it's crazy! Just trying to work through them as soon as I can.

  23. Yup, I "follow" you and have posted recently, in fact! Fall is my fave--going to the orchard to pick apples and pumpkins, making cider, going out of my way to step on that crunchy looking's all good!

    PS>.Evie looks so darling on her trike!

  24. I am a follower and have left a couple of comments. Sorry I haven't left more, but I do love all of your tutorials and everything. I'm more of a silent listener :) Beautiful! I'm going with the fall question. It is my favorite season too! I just love the smell of fall. The crispness of it and the ability to wear scarves and boots! *sigh* I can't wait! But it doesn't lok like it's going to be here for a while because Texas is so hot!

  25. My favorite part about fall is taking out the light weight jackets and hat and running around in the colored leaves.
    I left a comment when you announced the giveaway, I have been looking at your site for about a month and I love it just not very good at commenting.
    thanks for the giveaway.

  26. I don't want to rub it in, but fall is giving me a creative headache. There are so many things I want to do! The fall trends here are amazing this year. Reds, teals, and a little shimmer have got my brain on overload.
    I have been a follower for a few months now, and I've left a few comments, so I hope that qualifies me. My poor bag is well worn ll bean boat tote. My wallet is an awesome, but also well worn green coach wallet that I've been using for almost 3 years. It would be wonderful if I could upgrade one of them!

  27. Ok - I have to answer two just cause:) 1 - no you are not crazy - I have that problem almost every day!!! And it makes it REALLY hard to get anything done! Because it also tends to make my brain freeze so I can't do anything! and 2 - I'm laughing about the Martha Stewart tissue balls, cause I totally made them for my daughter's birthday in July, I used 8 sheets, and they STILL looked nothing like the ones in the picture. They were cute but NOT the same lol!

    I am a follower (only officially recently, but you've been in my google reader almost since you started and I heard about you on Ucreate.) I commented on the last post, and maybe one other one.

    Thanks again for an awesome giveaway!!!

  28. Creative Headache- I think mine is a creative fog since I can not focus on anything else until have worked on a project that is rolling around in my head. As I sit here at work dreaming about all the things I would like to get done. I love your blog and the style in which you write is wonderful. Oh and winning a bag or wallet wouldn't be that bad either!

  29. I commented on your last post and a few others but I dont remember the other ones:))
    I think I love everything about Fall!!! The cooler air..Ah yes that is the main thing..Im so tired of the heat and humidty already..but pumkin too..pumkin pie..pumpkin latte well everything pumpkin..and of course the beautiful leaves!!! I could probably keep going on and on!!lol!! But Ill contain myself and stop now:)
    Thanks for the awesome giveaway!!! Im crossing my fingers!!

  30. I currently have so many creative thoughts in my head I can't seem to get any of them done. But my daughter's birthday is coming up so I better just pick one, take some motrin, and get busy!

    Almost every tutorial I see, I think - ummm... NOT that easy! But, Martha's are the WORST!

    And (i know i didn't have to answer all of them, but I couldn't resist!) this year I seem to have a facination with pumpkins.... don't know why - but I see LOTS of pumpkins in our fall future!

    I commented on your last post about the giveaway...

    LOVE your blog - btw!

  31. Are you kidding! This is the best giveaway in the history of blog-land. Can't remember which post I commented on, but have been a 'follower' for quite a while now. Love hearing your stories and seeing the tutorials.

    I have had the 'creative headache' but the headache is usually caused by frustration of having so many good ideas and good intentions, and no time to get to them all.
    And my favorite, absolute favorite thing about fall is the food. It is my favorite food season. I love the roasts and the squash and the fruit crumbles and the pumpkin pie. And spending time (and eating!) at my Uncle's giant pumpkin farm North of Toronto, Ontario. Can't wait for harvest time!!

    All the best to you and yours!

  32. Love your blog, I've posted before! I think I was you 30th follower?!

    1. I get headaches, but mostly because I stay up so late crafting, when I should be in bed.
    2. I made a tie once based off a tutorial, the pictures and the directions just didn't match up...frustrating.
    3. Love fall= the weather, going for a drive in the canyons to see the fall leaves, sweaters, and football (just watched the University of Utah beat Pitt last night- yea!!!)

  33. I have posted a couple of times - I wish I had time to comment more since I love your blog so much! I am usually reading while balancing one or three kids on my lap at the same time. Crafty blogs are their favorites.

    I usually get crafting headaches when I am ripping seams out of something I am making in the middle of the night. Mostly due to sewing together the wrong pieces since I was doing it in the middle of the night I guess.

    Fall seems to have hit us like a ton of bricks here in northern Minnesota. It was 90 on Monday and now it's barely 50 and raining. I do love the smells of fall. The apple tree in our front yard smells so great twice a year - in the spring with it's blossoms and now in the fall with the apples ripening - although I suppose it doesn't start smelling until they are over-ripe and the birds are attacking them.

    I admit I also love fall because it means the start of school. This year, two of my 5 will be heading off to school right after Labor Day. That just leaves me and the 2 year old triplets who keep me from commenting so much.

    See what happens when I have two free hands? A novel!

    (I love my Target finds too! I have a purse from there that I'm using right now and one from Etsy that I will start using here now that fall has set in - more fall-like colors. My wallet has seen better days, but like you it's bright - but red. So much easier to find a bright wallet in a mess of whatever is hiding in your purse of diaper bag!)

  34. Fall is my favorite season! Every year my husband and I take a road trip to a small country Texas town to get away from big city life. It also means college football...GO FROGS!

    Oh, and I've posted before but can't remember the exact post.

  35. I love your blog and faithfully follow it in my reader! I have never had a term to describe what's going on in my head, but yes...creative headache, that's definitely me. Having all these great ideas/tutorials/inspriation in my head--but unable to get them all accomplished. Your blog, with all its great tutorials, definitely contributes to that creative headache! I did comment (and you delivered)...asking for the tutorial for the adorable little girls dress.
    Awesome giveaway, btw!

  36. I am a follower and I commented on the christmas cards post. I DO get craft headaches. There is so much out there that I want to do and it is hard to get it all done with 2 little ones at home! I sometimes feel like my brain is bursting! I have come up with a solution though. I carry around a notebook and when an idea comes to mind I write it down and 'forget' it until it is time to make it...

  37. I am a follower, I leave comments and i would love that bag!

    1. I get so crazy when I'm thinking about a project that sometimes I can't sleep. Does that count?

    2. Yes I have seen tutorials that make things look way too easy. One that looks great is a tie tutorial that makes fat ties skinny-so clever

    3. Fall? I love walking and crunching the dry leaves.

  38. first all evie on that bike is too cute for words! That bike is super cool.
    I love fall! I cannot wait to take both kids to the apple orchard. Then make an apple pie and apple sauce! YUM!

  39. I have been reading your blog since pretty much the begining. I get excited when I see your blog name on my reader list with a new blog post. I keep saying I need to make one of your dresses, someday right? I love wearing sweaters and hoodies, so I would probably say that fall is my favorite. Not too cold but just cold enough to wear a sweater.

  40. I am a follower and a reader. Your posts are so interesting. I love seeing the local happenings...

  41. Have you ever seen a tutorial and you think to yourself "Uh Uh there is no way it is that easy" or "no way it is actually done that way"

    YES! It is funny you mentioned Martha. I love her to pieces but she is way too crafty for me. I usually try to use her pictures as a guide, not a rule and make it up on my own. Otherwise, I would curse her name :)

  42. I think I have comment on the fourth of july dress and a previous giveaway but I can't remember for sure. I HATE it when you get excited to make something, find a tutorial and then you are like "what is going on here, how did they get a shirt out all that jiberish!" It kills me and as too the puff balls out of tissuse paper, I have found that about 20 sheets of tissue paper make a very full puff ball and if your in a pinch you can get away with 10. But 6 is not going to work... :)

  43. I just stumbled across your blog and it is so cool!! You know somethimes when you are reading peoples posts and you can kind of hear a voice reading it to you? Well it doesn't happen very often but the voice that I hear reading yours is a little deeper and has a slight British accent. Posssible that you think that I am crazy but I just wanted to share that with you! Also did you live in ut? That's where I live, crazy! Of course I would love to win something but mostly I just wanted to meet you! The best thing about fall in southern ut is when it goes from being 105 to 85 overnight!

    Love your guts

  44. Soooo about the creative headache... I feel you. On the other hand- your tutorials are all wonderfully easy looking. Actually I have a folder of stuff I want to make when my sewing machine is fixed and like 4 link to your site!!! :) You are wonderful.
    As for the fall thing. Can't feel you there-- I live totally in the desert. I love fall cause well, its like some in-between season here. Not hot. Not cold.
    Though I do usually have to head up to the mountians so I can see the leaves change. I love the leaves...
    Hope I win, as I totally have a TON of crud I have to haul around....

  45. I am so unbelievably happy that Heatherty Featherty referred me over to your site! It is so fun and I am going back and reading all your old posts! They are too cute!

    As for the creative headache thing...oh I definitely have one right now! It is all I can do to narrow it down to one project right now! I have this overwhelming need to create right now! I am filing away some of your posts for just that reason!

    Goodness this is an awesome giveaway! I could totally use a bag like that with having to haul a lot of stuff to school and still look stylish! I am currently a senior in college and planning my wedding. I look forward to reading more!

  46. I cannot get over that adorable photo of your daughter! She is SO cute and that little bike is ridiculously adorable too.

    I commented on a few things but for sure your Anthropologie dress.

    I recently did the tissue poms using martha's tutorial. Check them out. Some of the failures were the best!

  47. Oh my gosh, creative headaches are all too common at my house! I usually refer to it as creative anxiety...I have a head full of ideas, and it's so hard to remember that I'm just 1 little stay at home mom. :)

    We *finally* had a cold front move through, and I can't even explain how excited I was to find that the high for today is only 70!! I love crisp fall days. We are in the process of moving from central IL to Seattle, and I can't wait for the Seattle weather. No more sweltering midwest heat and humidity!! :)

    I know I've commented before, but I honestly don't remember what post it was. Love everything that you create!

  48. This comment has been removed by the author.

  49. Hi there! I'm actually a brand new follower. My cousin sent me a link to your blog, as something I would probably like, and I was hooked! I have a one year old as well and am loving all the cute tutorial's you have for little girl clothes! In fact, I just got some fabric to make the Little Librarian shirt of yours.

    (#3) The best part of Fall for me, living in Arizona, is that is finally starts to cool down! We can start taking walks again and I can cook soup and I have an excuse for making things with pumpkin (I LOVE pumpkin).

  50. I keep looking at your sweet daughter! She's so cute!

    My favorite thing aboutnfallmis SWEATER SEASON! Yay!

  51. I ♥ your blog! I remember bookmarking it into my favs when there was a feature of your blog on Ucreate (i think ? ) and then our computer crashed and when we finally got it back I kept telling my husband I was looking for this blog of this girl that blogs from like SUPER FAR AWAY and I couldnt remember the name and then One day it hit me ! lol .... and then I RE-found you...

    About Fall-- We live in the desert and I love fall because It gives me a chance to expand the otherwise its tanks and shorts around here (its going to be 100 today..ugh) and also the colors of the trees ... I LOVE looking at all the new colors ...its like you wake up one day and the whole scenery changes. Theres reds, golds and browns and its just so nice: ) And it makes me remember when I was a kid .. we lived in SoCal and I remember raking leaves with my sis and having an awesome time outside.

  52. I've been a follower since the begining, when another mommy blog I follow introduced your blog to me. I LOVE my blogs :)

    I could answer all 3 questions, especially 2 and 3.
    2) There have been a few tutorials that I have tried and I think to myself, "Really, Easy? Then I must not be as good as I thought..."
    3) I LOVE FALL. I love the changing leaves, cute crafts, and jeans with my favorite sweatshirt. Living in MN doesn't give us a long fall (before the dreaded winter) so I try to soak it up. It's a beautiful fall day today :) Sweatshirt is on.

    PS I that bag would go great with my scarf ;)

  53. 3) My favorite thing about fall is all of the warm colors coming back! The sweaters and boots too! I loooove fall clothes! Oh, and getting the cast off of my arm will be nice too :)

    I've been following for a while, the last post I commented on was the Christmas card one, I've left a few others too.

  54. I completely agree about "followers!" My mom taught me a long time ago to be a leader! :)

    What do I love about fall? I love everything about fall! The leaves colors, watching my daughter find acorns (her favorite part of fall), Halloween, decorating!

    The last post I believe I commented on was about our quest fora great Christmas card! :)

  55. What do I love about Fall? I love pulling out the sweaters and being cozy. I love the colors and the crispness in the air. It is my favorite time of year.

    I commented on your last post. I just found your site and seriously love it. I am a new follower.

  56. I absolutely am IN LOVE with Fall!!! Almost everything and anything in it. The food, the colors in nature, the smells in the air (I swear it smells like cinnamon even outside in the fall). And of course... HALLOWEEN! Witches are out and ghouls and goblins. (it also means really fun and creative sewing outlet... you think of it, you can sew it!)
    I also commented, at least on the "This is going to be good" post... I'm sure I've commented on others. :)

  57. I have not posted a comment on your blog yet. I am new to your blog and I am FASCINATED by it. I don't post much because I am technilogically challenged. As is proven by my earlier try to post here. Had to start over. I am so inspired by your post and hope to get off the comp. and try many of them.

    My favorite things about fall are bon fires, my birthday, crop harvest, cool days/nights. Fall in the mid west is amazing.

    Thanks for the blog. I will post more often now that I know how. Thanks for the inspiration.

  58. such a cute bag and wallet! what a great gift.
    i commented on a post a while back, i dont remember which, but i mentioned another way to finish cut ribbon ends (with a flame rather than fray check. :) and i "follow" your blog.

    also, i am excited for the fall. in the high desert of idaho, the season change is so refreshing.

  59. I've been a follower for a while, but rarely comment as I'm usually at work catching up on blogs on my google reader. My favorite season is fall too - my favorite color is orange and it's the only time of the year I can get away with decorating with orange (my husband hates orange). Since getting married, I now host Thanksgiving - I love having all the family at my house. I love fried turkeys and the stress of trying to get all of the food done on time. Thanks for the fantastic giveaway!

  60. I know I posted about Christmas cards. I also posted about the high-waisted skirt tutorial.

    I definitely get the creative headache. When I'm trying to figure something out, or try something new I usually think about it lying in bed, when I should be sleeping. And, there is not enough time to make everything on my list!

  61. I love your blog,and your taking notes skirt, I am going to make one.

    Fall Means to start thinking about christmas gifts, I don't like buying but making stuff. so I have to start thinking about what they would want me to make them, or something handy. If I don't start now, it won't get done.

  62. I need to get busy making Christmas gifts! At this point I guess I'mnot going to magically have a fantastic apron for all, but it's the thought that counts right?
    Love your blog!

  63. I'm going to answer all three of your questions because I like them all!

    1. I do get creative headaches which is why I started my blog! I was always worried that I'd come up with an idea but that it would leave my head before I had time to write it down (and lose the paper) or had time to actually do it. I've found with blogging that I can put all my ideas down somewhere and come back to them and not worry about losing them along the way!
    2. I tend to dive into tutorials even if they look scary. I've found myself googling most of the terms in some tutorials because I'm not familiar with the craft! I really hope that the pom poms from Martha's website aren't too difficult because I plan on making a few for the nursery!
    3. I love sweaters and going for walks in the evening and watching the leaves turn. It's been a little chilly in my part of the world over the last couple of days and it totally feels like fall is coming! While Summer is definitely my fav season, fall is a very close second!

    I commented on the post where you asked for guest bloggers while you are away (at least I think I did...) and I'm subscribed to you on my Google Reader :)


  64. I'll answer #3...because the first crisp nights have begun in the mountains (Asheville NC) and it has already got me thinking about feeling cozy with a cup of hot coffee watching the sun rise on a cold morning with kids pitter pattering through the house in footed PJS :) but, oh, #1 I do get those craft-idea-headaches for sure!! I would love to win the Flurbery goods of course, but really I'm just glad it got me in the hang of commenting on your fun posts (as of the last one)...and BTW...I just go ga-ga over sweet little Evie and her cute little chubby legs :) I have two little ones, but they're both boys, so I don't get to sew them any cute little skirts or bows, booo!

  65. Oh my goodness she is so stinkin' cute! i love how the leggings squeeze a little of her leg squish :) So adorable!! I can't wait until my little girl (3 mo) is that big!
    Ok, so I'll answer q#1. Yes I totally have so many cute ideas in my head and others bookmarked on my computer (many of yours actually!) that I'm finding it hard to pick where to start! Now that I'm starting to get the hang of having 2 kids I'm getting my sewing itch back! But where to begin??
    ps-I posted on your 1st ever post on this blog :)

  66. I am a follower and love what you are doing. #1 I always have so many creative thoughts that I can't get them all out. I really get overloaded when I go to a fabric store, the fabric seem to speak or whisper to me telling me all the great things they want to be. This is why I have a zillion unfinished projects!

  67. I recently saw a great tutorial on how to make these flowers that you used cheap synthetic fabric and heated the edges to make them curl. My daughters and I followed the directions and they had to have doubled the layers or something because we couldn't get ours to even look close. Soooo frustrating!

  68. I definitely get creative headaches, I go to sleep every night with ideas running through my head. The problem is that when I sit down to make something I don't know where to start!

  69. Uhm I am totally a follower...I comment on everything! Most recently the Christmas Cards post.

    #1: I do get creative headaches! As a fellow blogger I have so many ideas of my own and see so many wonderful ideas that sometimes my head just feels like it wants to burst!

    #2: I've tried those stinky puffy balls and there is NO way it is only 6 sheets of tissue paper. Tried to make them and I bought 2 pack of tissue paper so what 16 sheets or something and it STILL was NOT puffy enough so yah you are right more like 30 sheets!

    Love and Hugs,

  70. I am a follower and I love your blog! I don't know if they are headaches but getting crafty does fill my head and cause sleepless nights! The problem with this is I have many projects that are unfinished :P

  71. I love your blog and have been following it since the beginning. I feel for you only having so much cute fabric to work with. I recently had twins and have decided to be a stay-at-home-mom. Since our income was almost split in half, there hasn't been much in the way of fabric shopping. For an answer to #1, yes I get a creative headache ALL THE TIME. Ever since I found out one of my two was a girl (my oldest is a boy as well), I have had this crazy urge/desire/need to make her the cutest clothes possible (which is how I came across your blog). I bought many patterns through etsy and cute fabric (while I was still working). After the babies were born, I just had almost absolutely no time to sew. I get like 10-20 minute blocks where I can do anything. And in those late night feeding sessions, I just dream up cute dresses for my sweetie. Oh, and I have to say that the bike that Evie is sitting on is so cool! Where ever did you get it?

  72. I love fall. I love everything about fall. The colors, the temperature, the decor, everything.

  73. Hi! I've been following your blog now for a while and I LOVE it. I have commented here and there but can't remember on which ones... Anyway first I just wanted to say that you are totally my hero. I think you are adorable and talented and amazing and I would love to meet you someday. (i hope that didn't sound creepy) And next, my answer to your question #1 is YES. I most often feel like I will burst with ideas and creativity, and I don't sleep very much because I can't stop thinking of ideas! Mostly inspired by people like YOU! My to-do craft list is soooooo long... I'm a stay at home mom and only get a few snippets of time during naps and bedtime to get anything made, and it always feels so good to accomplish something, but unfortunately it doesn't happen often enough! Anyway you are amazing, keep doing what you're doing because I love it! And PS that bag is gorgeous... I seriously love it. You are so cool to give it away.

  74. I'll pick #1--I totally get a creative headache sometimes! It's usually at night when I need to be sleeping, and so many things will be going through my mind of what I want to sew, what fabric I want to use, what new patterns I want to try, etc., etc. Fun to have so many ideas but frustrating when you're trying to go to sleep!!
    I love reading your blog and all of the fun tutorials you have! I am a follower of your blog and the comment I posted was on your pettiskirt tutorial. I'm just about to order the fabric for one--can't wait to give it a shot!

  75. I just stated following your blog after seeing in on It's really interesting and real. Unlike some of those Martha crafts, some how I still try and aspire to be her!
    The best thing about fall is waking up in the early morning and not wanting to get out of the warm bed because you left the windows open and it's chilly outside. Or maybe it's the warmth of coffee, tea or hot cocoa or the feel of scarves and sweaters. There is just so much to fall, I love it.

  76. What a very lovely thing to do - holding such an amazing give-a-way. I recently found your blog and have been really enjoying it....especially your photos. I guess I will answer that fall question........I love the crisp air, that feeling early in the morning that something is happening.....the first leaves that change. Fall is my all time favorite season. I loved for years in the mountains and recently moved back to central Arizona where there is only one season - summer. I am mourning the loss of seasons and already planning the next move to a new place that has them.

    (Oh, and I left a comment on "Good Show Watson! Little boy vest and newsboy hat tutorial")

    Thank you for this generous opportunity.

  77. I check this blog daily for updates; I'm addicted! =) I have commented before...let's see... on a few of the dresses for baby girls, as well as the cool twine giveaway, and some mama dresses. I love all your stuff!
    #1 - I get creative headaches almost daily. I have soooo much going on in my brain! nope, you're not alone!
    #2 - I sometimes do get frustrated with tutorials, (though never with yours! ;) so I'll use them as a starting point and add my own creativity to make it work for me! Good luck on those puff balls, I just went to a bridal shower last week where the hostess made her own. I wish I had paid attention to how she did it so I could help you!
    #3 - My fave thing about fall is the atmosphere. The weather cools, the colors change, the smells, the baking, etc.... Halloween!
    I know you said just answer one but I couldn't resist!

  78. I just want to say that I love the things that you create! I think that it's so neat to pack fabric and see how many things that you can make while you are away! I have a little girl who I love making things for and I totally get the "i think i am going to burst with ideas but don't have enough time in my day to get them done" comment! I have a 4, 3 and 1 1/2 yr old with another little bundle on the way! I could totally use a stylish bag this time to carry all of the paraphernalia being a mommy brings!
    Fall is my ALL TIME favorite season! Perhaps it's b/c i was born in the fall - but everything about it is appealing to me! Jeans, sweaters, pumpkins, crisp air, lovely sleeping weather, the foliage! Well, i've rambled enough! I hope to make the cowl neck sweatshirt for my little boys this FALL! :) Thanks for the opportunity at a GREAT giveaway!

  79. First things first: that green bike is gorgeous! (as is the baby girl on it)

    I'll answer all three for you:
    #1. Yes! I have two little ones, so I can't just craft whenever I want to. I'm sure you know what that's like. It's even harder when you have 10 different things that you want to do and you can't even do 1 until the babies are in bed.

    #2. Yes. I've gone through lots of Martha's tutorials and just said, "forget it".

    #3. I live in Texas, so my favorite thing about fall would have to be the cool weather. It's so nice after one of our long hot summers!

    The purse and wallet are gorgeous!
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  80. p.s. I'm a follower and I can't remember which posts I've commented on, but there's a few =)

  81. Your nanny/friend looks adorable and what a good sport! I'm a follower of your site and have been keeping up with you since your very first post when make it and love it featured you!

    As for the Martha Stewart Poof Ball Paper thingies - go over to HomemadebyJill she is amazing! We used to attend church with me but she lives in sunny CA now via NY. She actually worked for Martha Stewart and she can tell you how to make those paper poms in a way that you will understand - I PROMISE. Check it out here:

    And if you don't want to tackle the poms she has a gazillion other tutorials you will love.

    I would love that burberry bag but I never win anything so I'm not holding my breath LOL!!

  82. I love your blog because I am also on the other side of the world and I find it amazing that you can put words to your tutorials. I come up with stuff but can't articulate how to do it. I commented on a few posts but recently I remember the Christmas cards and how to get them to the US the easiest. Best part about fall? Well, here in NZ, the US fall means watching football on ESPN in shorts and having a springtime Thanksgiving, which I have learned to love. Thanks for your blog and the draw. Cheers, HeatherB.

  83. I liked question number 1. It really cracked me up. I'm not sure I could describe what I get as a headache... but I do stay up all night coming up with ideas of things that I want to create.
    Because I can't help it I'm going to answer #3 too. I absolutely LOVE fall! It is my favorite. I think my favorite thing about it is the leaves in the mountains. I'm from Utah and I love going for drives to take pictures up the canyon. If you need some sent to you let me know!

  84. I love fall fashion - knit sweaters, skinny jeans, and my boots. yumm. I also REALLY love anything pumpkin! It smells delicious, tastes delicious, and pumpkins make totally cute, fun decorations. :)

  85. i love fall for so many different reasons
    it the perfect weather
    the fashions are great (i love layering)
    when the leaves start to change colors and you go down a street with many trees its unbelievably beautiful
    and i also love fall smells.
    (too bad i now live in LA and we dont have a real fall season here but i am going to visit my mom soon so i will get my dose of fall then)

  86. I just found your blog last week, but I've read every last post since then and commented on one. I'm generally just a lurker. But love your creativity.

    My favorite thing about fall aside from all the usual answers - the smell, the colors, leaves crunching under your feet, and the crisp feel of the air (which are still amazing) - is that it means time to really get down to business crafting. My bff and I have been doing a boutique together in November for 30 years (did I just admit that?) and so fall means choosing the best of the best ideas that I've been gathering all year and actually making them happen!

  87. I love everything about fall! The colors, smells, knowing what is coming next! Where we live we won't have a fall, and I miss it so much.

    I only commented on your last post, but love reading. You have inspired me to comment more on all blogs I read.


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