Sunday, September 5, 2010

Burberry Give Away Winner

It is Sunday night at 11:30 pm, I know that is early morning Sunday in the states but I am going by my time because I just couldn't wait ha! I was so excited about this my Hubby even watched intently as picked and then I counted (SEVERAL times) to see who the winners are. Congratulations ladies!
First prize goes to:

Jana said...I am a follower, I leave comments and i would love that bag!

1. I get so crazy when I'm thinking about a project that sometimes I can't sleep. Does that count?
2. Yes I have seen tutorials that make things look way too easy. One that looks great is a tie tutorial that makes fat ties skinny-so clever
3. Fall? I love walking and crunching the dry leaves.
YEAH I am a partner in crime!!! lol
I actually commented way back when you had 19 followers and was asking for your address... I have the fabric, it IS ready to ship... it IS NOT in the mail just yet!!! Sorry!!! It will be there by Christmas I promise!!! (hint it is cute and pink)
HA HA HA creative headache... oh you bet I was at work tonight eyes glazed over, thinking about all the aprons that I could make for fall and christmas... and then tea towel holders, and then RUFFLES! Then came back, then drifted off again... I find that I need to sew at least 20 min a day to avoid such issues... I AM SO GLAD I AM NOT THE ONLY ONE!!!
side note: my husband and I went to the city last week and there was the burberry store and I told him how much I would love to go in there, and see a real burberry item... but I totally chickened out... I will next time!!! This would be so cool to win... then I could see a real life burberry!


  1. Thanks so much! I'm so excited!!!
    Here's the tie tutorial link for the ties

  2. OH MY GOODNESS I AM SO EXCITED!!!! I have NEVER won anything!!!!! EVER!!!! my poor hubby heard me screaming and laughing!!! THANK YOU so very much!!! You made a day of cleaning a really great day!!!

  3. Hooray for the lucky winners! :)


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