Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Paging Dr. Sawyer, A bunny has a boo boo {Little Lab Coat Tutorial}

Sawyer genuinely thinks I can sew anything. He will come home from school and ask me to make him the most elaborate costumes. Sometimes I deliver and sometimes, well a kid has to dream right? He came home from his friend Katie's house the other day and told me he wanted a "white jacket with a heart with a mountain on it (like this bump-bump)" so he could be a doctor. I asked him what kind of doctor he wanted to be and he told me "an aminal doctor". I figured this was one I could deliver on and boy am I glad I did! I started out with a mens white v-neck undershirt. I laid it flat on the table and cut right up the middle to the center of the "V" on the front. This made the lab coat (In the end I hemmed both sides, but that is optional). Then I gathered some felt. I cut out a heart (the way you did as a child, folding it in half and cutting on the fold) and then free handed the "Bump-Bump", which was actually hard and doesn't look all that stellar.

Then I made two white felt pockets and filled them with "aminal doctor" items. On one side we have treats for his pets
I adhere strictly to the "rule of 3" so I actually had to call the hubster to get an idea for a third item, fish food was all we could come up with HA! In the other pocket we have more serious doctor items:
You can't see it all that well but that is a thermometer in the middle, the white on white probably wasn't the best idea but maybe this is a better angle
the finished product looked like this:
I thought about putting his name but then thought Finn and Evie might end up using it, but turns out Finn wants one BAD!!! So I will probably be making another! Sawyer LOVED it, which is an understatement.
He begged to wear it to school and his teacher allowed him. Now he spends his days taking care of the poor sick animals that abound in our house
Hope there are some animal lovers out there who could use this! (or human lovers, you could substitute animal treats for suckers, balloons etc.)


  1. Great job Mom! And what a cute little Dr.

  2. Wow! That is ADORABLE!! I'm so impressed Kelly! You seem to always come up with the cutest projects! I can't wait until my little one is old enough for one of these!

  3. OH this is so cute... what a great way to increase the dress up wardrobe

  4. Now that is a really cute idea! I love it.

  5. I've been wanting to make a lab coat for my "little doctor". Thanks for sharing this!!!

  6. What a cute idea! Thanks for taking the time to share this!

  7. Genius! Thanks you so much. My 4 yr. old is always wanting to play "doctor" and we don't even have a doctor's play set. This is definitely next on my to-sew list!

  8. Sooooo cute! I love his little smile like he is so proud. I'm totally doing this for dress up clothes.

  9. My youngest is the same way! "Mom, can you make me a ninja costume" (easy) "Mom, can you crochet me a bow and arrow set?" (not so easy)


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