Thursday, September 9, 2010

A Kindred Spirit

I don't know about you fellow crafters but it is SOOO nice to have a friend who understands your "craftiness". Maybe this only happens to me but I often receive "compliments" in the neighborhood of "Oh mygoodness, of course that is from Kelly, no one else sews these days" or "She made that, can you believe it, she actually sews." I know these are always meant with to be nice but for some reason it cuts a little. For that reason it is fabulous to have a "kindred spirit" {good 'ole Anne of Green Gables}. Someone I can say "Hello! We could totally make that" too and not have them look at me like I am nuts. Someone to shriek with when you find silk for 2 dollars a meter. Do you know what I mean? So the other day when I went over to an acquaintances house and saw this poster in her front room:
I knew there was BIG friend potential.

I spent HOURS last night pouring
over all the books I borrowed from her
And jumped online and ordered the "Frankie" magazine that had the "Make Do" poster as a pull out. I also looked up the artist, her name is Claire Owen and she has an Etsy site HERE. I think I am going to order this print
It is called "Women's Adventure". I am sure Hubby is going to start getting weirded out by these random old looking posters I have up (like THIS one) So I will just have to make a theme of it ha! So these are some others I intend to purchase:
So my question becomes: How many are too many and which ones do you think are the best? You can find them at The Keep Calm Gallery, HERE. Thanks for being a Kindred Spirit, even if it is from a far!


  1. HA!!! The fact that you have watched Anne of Green Gables makes you on my favorite friend list!!! I am in love with that movie... I hear ya on finding a crafty/sewing friend... I have my mama, but no body eles can sew around me...

    I LOVE the Oh I do like to be beside the seaside... I actually laughed out loud and I LOVE something that catches you off guard and makes you happy!

    Have a great day!

  2. I LOVE the one of the little dolls! My grandparents would bring those back for me all the time as a kid from their travels. I would love that for my one day craft room!

  3. Yay on finding a kindred spirit :) I love the seaside one.

  4. Yay for new friends! Good luck on deciding, I like the seaside print.

  5. I have loved Anne since I was a little girl and smiled as soon as I saw your post's title. :) I absolutely love the "Make Do and Mend" poster!

  6. Make Due and Mend. Definitely. It's classic!!! New friends in different places rock.

  7. this made me laugh out loud and wish we were neighbors! I linked onto you from one pretty thing. love the blog. love anne. and also shriek when I find great fabric on great sales.

    keep crafting
    <3 kayleigh


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