Friday, April 15, 2011

Kids A Go Outfit

This next outfit is one of my favorites, it is made as a copy cat from a boutique outfit I got Evie in Bali. The store was called Kids a go go :) I really wanted to share it before Easter because I think it would be so cute at an Easter egg hunt, maybe in a soft yellow color? The pattern I am sad to say is super small. Poor Evie was stuffed into this one ha! Fingers crossed we have a girl! I would defiantly enlarge it if you have a chunky babers or a child older then 12 months. I don't know exact rules for enlarging but I try to go 10% for each year. But really I just take a random guess, copy it then see how it looks. I know, not the best method ha! Anyway, this outfit it sooooo light and comfy and when ever Evie wears it she looks so cool and relaxed... well she did before it got way to small ha!
I used some pre embroidered fabric for the top front. I think this makes it look a little less homemade.
I just love how comfy those little pants are!
(I forgot to mention in the last post and got some emails, Evie's shoes are from
This time Evie's reward was a strawberry milkshake.
Although to be honest I just REALLY wanted one of the restaurants Choco-Hazlenut milkshakes-- YUM! But she guzzled that strawberry one like crazy
While the sewing of this outfit is fairly straight forward and simple, I must warn you that the seam allowance on the top pieces is really small. If you would feel more comfortable you could always enlarge that page of the pattern and sew with larger allowances. The pattern is available HERE on scribd. 
What you will need:
1 Yard fabric
Thin pieces of elastic
2 Buttons
Optional embellishment for pant legs
Sewing machine
Needle and thread
Please ignore my stubby fingers in this next picture ha!
it doesn't show the loops in this picture but they should be there
Now is also a good time to sew on your two buttons
Lay your top to the side and take your two pant pieces
There you have it!!! Super easy right? And believe me even clothes picky Evie loves wearing this outfit!


  1. This is absolutely adorable! My daughter is almost 12 months, so this will work perfectly! Thanks for the pattern!

  2. This is so adorable, the perfect warm weather, lightweight outfit! I love it!

  3. Great job...the outfit is gorgeous! And thanks to you, my daughter now has some cute white sandals, perfect timing for Spring and Summer. :) Enjoy your blog!

  4. I love it, it looks so comfortable, perfect for summer, if that ever comes here!! I also love your pants in your previous post, thanks for sharing I might try to make some.


  5. I love the step-by-step instructive photos..!
    and it really looks so light and comfortable..! thank you..! its lovely and so is your little princess..! :)


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