Monday, April 18, 2011

Button Up Bloomers

UPDATE: Pattern link is working wooo hooooooo!!!! 
Ashley is the fantastic lady behind Lil Blue Boo... well she is half the fantastic team, Boo is pretty amazing herself! I had such a great time competing with her during Project Run and Play and was positively thrilled when she asked me to be part of her "What would you make challenge". Ashley asked several bloggers if she could send them some fabric (a kind they usually wouldn't use) and they would have to created something with it. I thought this would be awesome to be a part of and such a fun creative challenge. As readers you then get to enter for a chance to win 2 yards of the very fabric she sent us! I anxiously waited for the package. I received it the day before I left for Singapore and thus spent every night of the trip trying to come up with a cute enough idea for Lil Blue Boo! In the end I came up with an outfit I love, that I hoped fit the requirements to grace Ashley's cute site ic. cute, comfy and doesn't interfere with a child's playing.
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The top is just a simple tie tank but the shorts, I am sooooo excited about the shorts.
It is kinda hard to see them because of the cute floral design of the fabric but they are all one piece!
They wrap around the back and then button with four buttons in the front
Since they are all one piece there are no seams to tug or hems to choke around a little chunky girls thighs,  lots of comfort :)
Evie, who never wants to wear anything I make, loves these shorts, it was so refreshing to have her help me put something on her :)
She also apparently thought fists full of sand would be refreshing
I wanted to make sure you could make your own comfy summer Button Up Bloomers so I made a pattern and tutorial.
Before I launch into it though I wanted to say thank you to Ashley, this was such a fun challenge and it was great to stretch the creative muscles. I hope you guys like the shorts as well! They are insanely easy, even brand new sewers can make these! I hope you read more and make your own!

What You will Need

1/2 yard fabric
1/2 yard lining fabric 
Four Buttons
Sewing Machine
Needle and thread

The pattern for the button up bloomers can be found HERE on scribd. You will need to tape it together and then cut one on the fold from both your main and lining fabric. Once you have cut out both pieces lay them right sides together and pin all the way around (not across the top).
Try and make sure as best you can that everything lines up
Starting at one top edge stitch all the way around and up to the other side.
When you are done turn everything right sides out and iron really really well. If you did not use a stiffer fabric or a slightly stiffer lining you may want to topstitch all the way around. My lining was stiffer cotton so I sipped that step. Now we are going to make the hem for the elastic at the top. Fold over the top of the fabric twice and sew along the bottom to stitch it in place.
Once you have done this feed through your elastic using a safety pin.
Once you get through to the other side let the end of the elastic slip back into the pocket, but only enough that you don't see it, be really careful not to let it slip all the way back. Topstitch it into place. Repeat this process on the other side.
Now you can attach your four buttons
Create button holes in the corresponding places on the long flap.
And thats it!! Told you that it was easy. I am currently working on a pair in navy blue with white piping that I am REALLY excited about :) I am also excited to pair it with a comfy jersey shirt ala Lil Blue Boo ! Hope your buttoning up a pair soon!


  1. Those are adorable. Navy with white piping and those 4 buttons will be SO GOOD.

  2. Beautiful! I'm definitely going to be making some. Thank you so much for the pattern!

    Rachel @ Maybe Matilda

  3. These are sooooo cute!!! I love those buttons in the front. And they look so easy to make! I linked to your tutorial on Craft Gossip:


  4. I LOVE these! unfortunatly I can't open the pattern (or even click on the "here

  5. Thanks just came from LLB. Very cute. I too can't access the pattern. thanks so much.

  6. I would love to try these out. Could you send me the link to the pattern please? Thanks!

  7. Lovely! I can't wait to make some for my little girl! Thanks!!

  8. I can't click the pattern either:(

  9. I can't access the pattern either :(

  10. seriously adorable! Did you use the wrong side of the fabric for the top, or is that just the lighting? That would be a really cool idea for this fabric. I had a hard time deciding which side to use actually. I kind of liked the faded out look of the wrong side, but I ended up going the traditional route :) Anyway, I just love those shorts! And those baby thighs in the shorts!

  11. I can't open the pattern either. But these are seriously adorable!

  12. saw these on Lil Boo Blue his morning - soooooooooooooo stinking cute!!! I love them!!!

  13. You are endlessly creative, I don't know how you do it! I will definitely be trying these out!

  14. So cute, can't wait to give them a try. What size would you say they are (can't open the pattern, it might say it there)?

  15. Pattern link isn't, well, linked! Must try these!!

  16. So cute. These will be the perfect complement to the dress I'm sewing for my daughter for the weddings we are attending this summer!

  17. I will be making these as soon as the pattern is up its hot in az already and my girlies need some unique amazing shorts such as these :)


  18. These are really darling!! I really would like to make some for my little granddaughter. I tried the link and cannot access the pattern either.

  19. gorgeous fabric and clever pattern, this is just lovely!

  20. These bloomers are GENIUS! I'm making them in navy for my baby boy...he never has to know they're meant for girls. I cannot open the link. Can you please repost it?

  21. In LOVE with these! would love to make them for my 3yr old and 3mo old! Just need that lovely link!

  22. I so want to make these but can't get the link to open. Need some help.

  23. How ingenious, I love it! The fabric is quite beautiful too. You are one creative mumma, your beautiful children are so lucky!!

  24. I cannot get over the geniusness of these!!! AMAZING! Can't WAIT to make a slew of them! You friend, are my hero.

  25. I adore that outfit!!! Love your short pattern so much as well. How clever an easy to make. That is really sweet and pretty fabric you've used as is your little sweetheart. So cute.

  26. Amazinggggg... its so cute and different..!
    LOVE IT..! thank you so much...
    ANd i love your little daughter too, she's such a sweetheart...! kisses to her..! :) ♥

  27. Love these so cute <3
    Goning to make some for my you think they would work for a boy too?

    Your little girl is soo cute xx

  28. I can not wait for the pattern to work. I'm going to make some for my 19 month old and my little one on the way. My blog has a link to yours. Check it out. I'm going to be starting my daughter's summer wardrobe in about a week and these bloomers are on the ticket!

  29. any word on a link yet?

  30. What size are these bloomers? I am looking to make a 0-3 month size.They are adorable

  31. AWESOME!! i made these last night for my little girl, same size as yours!! :0 but mine has very chubby/muscular legs sooo they didnt fit her there. i guess i will have to wait til they fit her little sister in about a year. :)but regardless of that, they are super cute and it was a very well done tute.

  32. Can't wait to give these a try? My daughter is a large 2 yo (sz. 3t) - she looks pretty close in size to your daughter. May try to make the pattern a little bit bigger (will compare to some of her shorts.)

    FYI - for those printing out the pattern - try printing on Legal paper if you are having any problems!

  33. I am unable to download or even see the pattern-the site says 500 internal error =( These are super cute and I want to make them!

  34. I want to make these for an 18 month girl; unfortunately, I don't have one available to measure waist size. How much elastic should be used on these suckers? I have them all stitched up and waiting for elastic and buttons. They are so precious! I just need that last tiny bit of information!

  35. I need a bit of help putting the 3 parts of the pattern together.Can anyone help? Thanks! =)

  36. When I try to print the pattern from Scribd (whatever that is), it makes me pay a fee. Is this normal?


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