Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The "Eating Me Alive" Shirt

When I made THIS top for myself I knew I would eventually make one for Evie. It was just to easy not to! I don't know if it is Katy of No Big Dill's "orange" theme lately or the fantastic spring fabric my mom sent me but I knew I would be making it in the fiery orange jersey that a fantastic reader sent me. I followed the exact same method that I laid out in THIS tutorial except I added a second ruffle that was thinner then the first...this second layer may have been overkill.
While I think it turned out pretty cute it does sort of look like it is eating Evie alive, hence the name :)
I was soooo excited to take pictures of Evie in the new Button Up Bloomers I made to match the shirt (pattern can now be found HERE). I thought it would be a cake photo shoot since she loved wearing her first pair. Unfortunately Evie was in NO mood to wear anything I made for her this morning. When I finally wrestled her out of her jammies she ran to the little pile of clothes I had made, picked all three items and threw them while yelling "NO!!!!!" Then looked at me and added "Ever!" I didn't even know she knew that word! I should have seen it coming, she did poop herself awake at 3am then demanded to watch Shaun the Sheep and spent a good half hour crying in her crib yelling "Sheeeeeeep!" She literally screamed so much about putting on the bloomers and head band that I finally bagged it and thus I only have this very poor picture to share of the would be outfit (taken as Evie bolted down the crumbling Dili sidewalk and I panicked)
She gladly put on her skinny jeans that make her adorable diapered bum look mammoth ha! We crossed the street to the beach to snap some picks. Evie immediately plopped down and started shoving sand in her mouth
I thought maybe if I moved her onto a rock it would curb the dirty item eating, but then she just switched to eating rocks
Picnik collage
When I took the rocks out of her hand she decided she was done
On the walk home I tried to take one last full body pic... it didn't come out well
I was REALLY excited about putting one of my new labels on the shirt though!!! While I was in Jakarta we of course frequented the Myestic the HUGE fabric mecca I talked about previously. One of the notions shop made them for me in two days for a insanely affordable price.
I love that they are satiney and fold over so they have no raw edges. I am really interested to see how they wash up :) Hope if you make a cute little "Eating Me Alive" top and "Button Up Bloomers" outfit your cutie is more obliging then mine was this morning, but hey we all have our days right? :)
(PS just in case, Evie's shoes are Salt Water Sandals and her skinny jeans are Zara)


  1. Holy Smokes - that had me cracking up!!! Lol...cute outfit though :)

  2. Evie.... oh my god, you're so adorable!!!

    love her shirt too

  3. Raising kids definitely sounds like an adventure. Sometimes they have different ideas... I love reading your posts that make light on raising kids.

  4. Funny you mentioned the sandals, I was just about to ask!!
    She's such a fashionista!!!!

  5. LOL, Similarly to you, I have a 2 year old that loves: Shawn the Sheep, waking at a horrible hour to demand what she feels she needs/wants, eating sand/tasting things she shouldn't, running/climbing all over everything, and voicing her very distinct opinion as well. Gotta love 'em

  6. My daughter was up at 3 am too! I feel your pain. Ahhhh toddlers. :)

  7. LOVE Salt Water Sandals. Especially on little girls. The shirt is adorable!

  8. Could she be any more cute? I really don't know if it is possible! She is adorable! I love that shirt and your lables are so fun!

  9. funny story with captions :)
    what lovely labels you have !

  10. I Adore this design!

    I tried to download the pattern via your link (as I am almost out the door to the fabric store) but I could not get it to work and when I looked at your shelf on Scribd, i didn't see the pattern there either. :(

    I am a complete newbie sewer, and I would so benefit from the pattern when you get the link to work. Thanks for taking the time to create one! (Love seeing little Evie in her designs, even when she isn't as thrilled!)

  11. I just loudly laughed at your collage with your little cute girl! So lovely (also the shirt of course) ;)
    Yours, Theresa

  12. So cute! I liked the small commentary in the picture on the UN truck, Evie, and your focus.

  13. Love this top! My daughter is the same size as yours and I'm SO thankful for your tutorials! Also new at sewing a I can't wait to try making this :-)

  14. So great, as always. I love, love your blog. You inspire me so.

  15. I love your recent clothing highlights for little girls. Evie looks adorable every time, plus I love the hilarious stories.

  16. This post cracks me up. Thanks for the laugh.

    I wanted to also thank you for the recommendation to We Love Colors. I ordered some leggings from them recently, and I was pleasantly surprised to find they are really good quality leggings. I was concerned they may be thin and cheap. I think I'll end up getting one of every color eventually, haha. Ok, that might be a little overdoing it. But a girl's got to have leggings to match her outfits! :)

  17. I love this top! Its soooo cute on your little girl. My daughter is almost 4 and I still sometimes have to wrestle her into the outfits I've made her(unless she got to tell me what to make) she knows what she wants to wear and what she wants to look like and it is almost never what I want her to wear or what I want her to look like. Pretty much the one and only thing we can agree on is skinny jeans so she now has four pairs and wears almost every day of the week. O well.

  18. Ahhh, I want to make all of your little outfits for my little girl, I just don't know how to sew yet! :) I have the sewing machine (Christmas present) I just need someone to teach me now. Can't wait to get started!

    I just love the style of the clothes you make, and how they are so far from "CCC clothes". (Cookie Cutter Carter's:) They're just all too adorable.

    Keep up the great work!


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