Thursday, November 18, 2010

Merry and Bright Dress: Cutting & Taping the Pattern

Alright, after lots and lots of work I am done with Merry and Bright pattern and ready to show how to cut and tape it together.
Nantucket Knock Off
Sorry it took so long but over 24 pattern pieces takes a while :) You can down load the pattern pieces HERE. If you already printed off the pattern I might encourage you to print it off again as I made some changes in an attempt to make it easier. Unfortunately I didn't fix everything so here are some house keeping items about the pattern:
There is no patten piece "Y"... I dunno how I missed it but I did 
(so any pattern piece then says tape to "Y" disregard that ha!) 

On the "O" piece it says tape to "M" that is wrong, tape it to "N"... which makes more sense anyway 

There is a pattern Piece 2, it is the back part of the bodice. You will see a pic of it soon 

There are two pattern pieces labeled W, one is just W and one is Wb. 
W is taped to V and Wb is the top of piece 13 and taped to X, Z & AA

There are 13 pieces not 14... me no count good.

If I don't go over the pattern piece here it is  because no taping is involved

Pattern Piece 1
Pattern piece 1 consists of pattern pieces E,F & G all taped together.

Pattern Piece 2
Pattern piece 2 consists of pieces C & D

Pattern Pieces 3
Pattern piece 3 consists of H,I,J, K & L

Pattern Piece 4 
pattern Piece 4 consists of pieces A & B

Pattern Piece 6
Consists of pieces N & O

Pattern Piece 10
Consists or R & S

Pattern Piece 12 
Consists of V & W

Pattern Piece 13
Consists of Wb, X, Z & AA

Pattern Piece 14
This is the biggest one and consists of: BB, CC, DD, EE, FF &GG

When all the pattern pieces are cut out it should look like this: 

Don't mine my super dirty deck. Alright so now that yo have your pattern pieces cut out follow the cutting instructions on them. I am sure there are more mistakes I didn't catch... this has been a hard process. Lets just say if it doesn't tell you to cut 2 or more then you just cut one. Cut all those lovely pieces out and be ready to sew up a storm tomorrow! I really encourage you to make this with me I am going to try and be SUPER clear in all my instructions and there is really nothing tricky about it!


  1. This is amazing, Kelly. I have this dress in black and have always wished they made it in another color because I love wearing it. Now I guess I will try to make another one!

  2. Very excited about trying out this dress! One problem, when i was downloading the pattern pieces it wouldn't allow me to download the "N" piece. Suggestions?

  3. Amazing! I know what I am doing this weekend :) Question though I really love to work with stretch poplin, but it can be a little stiff how do you think it would work for this dress?

  4. I'm wondering the sizing on this dress based on the pattern pieces? Any tips on sizing up/down?

  5. So excited to make this dress. And I also am wondering how to size it up?

  6. Thank you for the pattern! Beautiful dress. Looking forward to the tutorial. What size is this pattern for? And also had a similar problem. I could not print out "EE", "F", or "V". No worries. Will try again tomorrow or just try to draw in the blanks.

  7. I couldn't get "o" to download. funny how the ones that wont download are all different for everyone....maybe I should try again later?

  8. I love this pattern, and am SO excited to make it... but wondering if you have some fabric suggestions.

  9. I never sew for myself, but you've inspired me to try it!

  10. I can't wait to get my hands sewing on this dress. Thanks for taking the time to make a pattern for the rest of us. What size of dress is this pattern? I also would like suggestions on sizing up or down as well.

  11. I love this dress! Sadly the size is a bit too small for me, and would love to know hoe to resize it.

  12. I really want to do this dress soooo bad. Did you say you are going to do some posts on how to sew it all together? Can't wait!

  13. A customer in our sewing class is sewing this up but seems to be having difficulty with the back pattern pieces. Pieces C and D don't seem to match up with A and B. Pieces C and D added together are much longer than A and B added together.

    Do you have any tips on how to fix this?


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