Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Ellie the Elf, our personal Shelf Elf

My wonderful friend Jackie is kind enough to send me fun ideas to get my creative juices going. I had mentioned talking to the boys about Santa Clause and that he is watching keeping track of good and bad choices. I joked that I could tell it was sinking in because the next day Sawyer told Finn "You cannot hit me because Santa is watching, he can even see you in TIMOR.. He's magic". Jackie told me about her families Shelf Elf tradition and I thought it was so cute! After Halloween their Elf shows up on a shelf and watch's the comings and goings in the house. Every now and then it disappears to report back to Santa. I totally needed an Elf! The only problem is that by the time ours got here it would be Christmas Eve ha! I didn't want this to stop us from having our own Santa Clause reporter so I made one myself. I scaled down the pattern from Evie's Bonjour Evette doll
The shrunken down pattern along with a pattern for her vest and shoes can be found HERE. You essentially follow the same instructions as with the Evette Doll so this will be a brief review and I will go over any changes I made. Once again I hand stitched her little face...
I cut out a shirt and pants using the body pattern. I sewed the clothes on each side first because I was afraid I wouldn't be able to sew all four layers together well but if you have the confidence go for it!! After sewing the clothes on I lined everything up and with right sides together sewed all the way around then flipped it right side out
I already intended to put a little belt on her but after flipping her right side out and stuffing her I noticed I would HAVE to make one ha!
This was the funnest part, adding the embellishments. I went with a gold belt on her tuxedo pants.
After making her little felt vest I added pearls for buttons, a vintage lace collar and some fluff along the bottom.
Of course she had to have a hat
But wanted it to come off because I loved her little felt piggy tails
Ellie is going to make her debut this weekend along with a letter from Santa explaining her duties. I snuck her up on the shelf to take a pic super quick but it just doesn't have the same feeling with out other christmas decor around.
We have a strict no Christmas decorations until the day after Thanksgiving... pretty sure she will look super cute once we bust it out :) Hope you can make your own shelf elf!!


  1. Holy Smokes - you cracked me up with Say No To Elf Crack!!! Love it!

  2. You've got me laughing hard with the picture of elf crack! You're so funny!

  3. yeah I need to make one of these ASAP love it great idea for little ones not behaving :)

  4. I've been looking for a D.I.Y. Elf for our shelf! Thank you! I just pinned this on pinterest! what fabric did you use for her body? also...What did you write on your "letter from Santa?"

  5. I have been thinking of ding this myself for our kiddos... seen them all over but not really into the mass produced elf. Thanks for sharing your will be making one for our family asap!


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