Tuesday, November 2, 2010

And he called it Macaroni....

It may be the fact that it was Halloween, or the enormous amount of "The Tudors" I have been watching (um, can I tell you how awesome it is to live in a place that edits HBO haa!!) but when I saw this hat on Anthropologie yesterday I HAD to make it.
Add to it the fact that it comes with a $228.00 price tag and I thought I can absolutely make that with things I have on hand. 
I had to switch things up a bit. I didn't have large Grosgrain instead I had wide velvet like the small ribbon in the Anthro picture. 

Luckily I received an AMAZING package from Hillary (thank you thank you thank you!!!) on Friday and BAM extra wide velvet. I attacked a feather duster I owned since there is no way I could find cool feathers here on the island. 
I wish I had high quality felt, you know the kind that is sort of furry? But I used what I had on hand. I also wished that he sun wasn't directly in my eyes so I looked totally ticked off in most of the pictures. 
I followed the dimensions on Anthro.com and then used some bobbi pins to secure it on my noggin'. 
Would you guys like a tutorial? It was sooooo crazy easy but I dunno if anyone else is as hilarious as me and LOVE over the top hats. Now I just need to find an excuse to wear it! :) And this is so you don't think every pictures turns out nice: 


  1. I just posted a little Anthro tribute, however, not quite the same. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your Hat! I haven't watched The Tudors in a while, but I love Jon Rhys Myers, and the premise of the show. I have been lurking on your blog for a bit and getting ready to send you a package! maybe it will arrive before the holidays?

  2. I love your hat, so very cute!!

  3. Love it! So cute and yes, why not, I would love to see how you made it!!

  4. Very, very cute!

    What I really want to know though is either where did you get the little shrug/jacket you are wearing?? Did you make it or buy it? I love it and NEED something like it!

  5. I love it! It looks so pretty on you. Did you say the Anthro one was $228 that's just crazy!

    I would love to see a tutorial.

  6. That. Hat. Rules.

    Can't wait to make my own!

  7. I love your pictures!! You (and the things you make) are exquisite!!

  8. LOVE the hat. You are incredible!!!!

  9. I totally want a tutorial!!! please please please!!!

  10. I totally just spent the last hour and a half reading through your blog. I love it! What a fun adventure you and your cute family are on. Thank you for being so willing to share your tutorials and your patterns for free. I just started sewing this year so I'm a beginner but I love finding new projects and can't wait to try some of yours. I just had a baby girl 4 months ago and am having so much fun making things for her. Thank you thank you and have a wonderful warm day (its definitely fall here in Utah).

  11. well, 3 things: A: I love the hat! B: I love the shrug! C: I love the white shirt! Great pics! (oops, that's 4 things!) =)

  12. Haha, you know what's super funny? I TOTALLY recognized the pink velvet when I read the post after this one. I scrolled down to read more (I'm a bit behind on my blog readings) and saw that it was just what I thought - from me. Anyway, to the funny part...
    My mom loves pink. LOVES pink. Our entire house was a light shade of pink when I was growing up. Don't think she's like some Dolores Umbridge from Harry Potter or anything. She's got taste, and style, but she loves pink. Anywho, each year for Christmas she'd string up garland on our staircase and attach it to the banister with pink velvet ribbons. The velvet I sent you was her extra she kept on hand. Until she moved and dad refused to have another (slightly) pink house. haha!
    Anyway, the velvet is so familiar to me that I recognized it right away. Totally funny! (well, to me anyway).
    Glad you found a use for it! :)


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