Thursday, February 10, 2011

Roll it on out

I have a super fun Tricks and Trades planned for this week but I have to wait until my photo shoot for my valentines dress for this weeks Project Run and Play... which may be a while as I had to literally rip the first dress off my little model as she looked at me and said "am I going to have to wear this forever?" Which I thought was the low point until she ran to her mom and cried "it is too small, now she will have to use Carmen" (a smaller friend) oh man.... that was the low point. I try to tell myself at least she loved it right? (yes I will be making one in a larger size in an attempt to make it up to her). 

This week we have been cooking a lot of deserts to get ready for Valentine's day! I wanted to use my personalized cookies for the cute kids in Sawyer and Finn's classes. The problem was I had yet to find a roll out sugar cookie recipe that I loved and didn't taste like flour. This is a bummer since they are perfect for every holiday. But miracle of miracles I found the most amazing recipe this week!
I love to use All because of the rating system, although I find it hilarious when people give something five stars and then in their comments basically change the entire recipe ha! 
I found THIS recipe that was 4 1/2 stars and rated by close to 700 people. Oh my goodness do I LOVE it! It makes a HUGE batch and I bet you already have everything you need on hand. 
Once mine were prepared I made enough that said "heart breaker" to give one to each child
Then I made a personalized one for each of their classmates
It is funny though because when your child goes to an international school you really need to pay attention to how his classmates spell their names. I already made one little girl cry this week, I don't need to do it again by spelling someones name wrong on a cookie :) We are going to decorate them this weekend so they can be delivered on Monday. I explained to the boys that Valentines is an American holiday so not to expect any in return. You can imagine how thrilled they were this morning when they both received a valentine in the mail from their Granny. Finn actually took his to movie night tonight to show his friends. Thanks Granny!


  1. Yummy! Can't wait to try these cookies. What did you use to print each child's name in the cookies? That is fantastic!

  2. Could you work on a summer skirt pattern that would look great on mommies that haven't lost the baby weight? It's really hard to find a cute pattern when you're fat. :-) xoxo

  3. I feel the same way about rolled sugar cookie, so thanks for finding a good recipe ;) !!!

  4. I have that rolling pin!!!!!!!! My hubs got it for me for Christmas and I about cried when I opened it. I was SO excited to make something!!! It's always tricky with "domestic duties" presents, but he did fab. Can't go wrong with Anthro!!!

  5. I love this! I want to know too, how you got the names printed onto the dough.

  6. (psst - I-S-A-I-A-H)

    Where did you get those stampers from!?

    (from Megan whose daughter uses my computer and messes up my settings...)


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