Saturday, February 12, 2011

Be Mine

This week over at Project Run and Play the theme was fittingly "Valentines".  When I think of Valentines I always think of victorian costuming, lace, champagne colored fabric, high romantic necklines and of course bustles. Thank heavens I a reader had sent me 1/4 a yard of gorgeous vintage lace a while back! This all translated into the Be Mine dress:
Since my first attempt had to be ripped off my model, at the last minute our little friend Carmen agreed to model for me, and it only cost me a milkshake!!
This dress although it may not look it was brutal to make. I had never made a Sabrina neckline before and so it really took some trial and error to get it right.
Plus I didn't want to make it too fitted to her neck because as a kid I HATED things tight around my neck  (to this day do not own a polar neck). The waist is accentuated by pleated grosgrain ribbon, which then used again around the sleeve bottom.
I bustled the back but tried to reign my usual over the top bustling habits in so it wouldn't be uncomfortable for her.
And they are only tied so if she likes she can let them down and have the dress flush with the front. I also embroidered XOXO on both sides of the bustle, but did a poor job documenting them (when it is 100 degrees out and like 95% humidity you rush through these things for the sake of the poor melting child ha!)
I made Carmen a necklace and a little metal key. She was so good about pulling it out every time it got tucked in (she will make a photographers dream bride, always thinking about the accessories ha!)
I made her hair clip from jewels and feathers I purchased the last time I was in Jakarta.  (This face is CLASSIC Carmen)
Thankfully she can get in and out of the dress just fine
Although it is a bit trickier when you are covered in sweat! Poor girl, she earned that milkshake!
Of course Sawyer and Finn HAD to come on the shoot with Carmen (they both adore her). At first Finn wouldn't let me get him out of the car. He said "I need a little break" and then shut the door and locked it. Okidokie, one less person to say "please don't stand by Carmen" to. He changed his mind though and eventually wandered over. THEN I couldn't get him out of the boat
Admittedly, it was a pretty cool old boat. So, that is my Valentines themed dress. If you wouldn't mind hoping over to Project Run and Play and voting I would LOVE it. This is the last round before the finale when we design whatever we want. So, if you want to see a finale design from me you need to vote :) Either way this has been so challenging and really made me work, even if I get the boot this week I will be pretty proud of myself for getting as far as I did with such AMAZING ladies and super stiff competition each week! I hope you have a fantastic weekend and I promise there is a fun Foreign Service Friday post in the works :)


  1. It's gorgeous. This dress really looks like a lot of work.

  2. Beautiful--girl, pictures and dress. What a flair you have! I love the vintage/Victorian take. So pretty and she does totally look like one of those girls from an old Valentine. Makes me say, "aaaaahhh." I'm also amazed at how resourceful you are with what you have on hand. We lived a year on the island of Tahiti and I had to leave my sewing machine behind. It was like an amputation! But fortunately for me there is a strong sewing culture there with LOTS of fabric shops. A dear friend lent me her sewing machine and I am forever grateful.

  3. Oh WOW! This is really beautiful! I love the photos!!

  4. Gorgeous as always!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the bustle! A tutorial would be fabulous if you're able to do one!

  5. Now living on an island has to be worth the inconvenience of difficulty finding fabric! Your photos are exquisite and making me miss the 3 years I spent on the shores of the bay in Belfast, Maine, a life so different from here in the suburbs of Philadelphia. I am near all sorts of fabric and thrift stores, so let me know if there is something special you need. I love the dress you created, because it speaks "Valentine" to me also, very Edwardian era, which is my favorite. It appears the model enjoyed wearing it too. I, too, would love a tutorial and perhaps a way to subscribe to your blog via email (Feed Burner maybe) so I don't miss anything! Beautiful children, beautiful setting, beautiful dress. Entire theme a major success.

  6. Gorgeous Kelly!!! The photos are amazing!

  7. As always yours is AWESOME and definitely the best EVERY SINGLE WEEK! I hope you make it to the last round!

  8. This is gorgeous!!! I love all of your creations!

  9. I love how you add little bits about your kids. It always makes me smile when Evie refuses to wear her cape, or Finn needs a little break. Haha, it's adorable and too cute. I also love the lace on the top of the dress, it is a beautiful weight. I can't ever find quality lace.

  10. You did a fabulous job. I just went and voted for you. The other dresses are lovely but yours just rocks it. I'm going to be so disappointed if you don't win this round.

  11. Just beautiful! Another fantastic job. I voted multiple times for ya! Can't wait to see what's next.


  12. The little xo's on the back rock. I voted.

  13. I went to vote, but I guess it is EST and I am in the west, so I missed it. I am so sad!! I loved your the best by far!! I would have voted for you! Great job, this dress is some little girl's dream dress!! :)

  14. It's beautiful, and I must say, I'm amazed with your bright sun shots. I live in the land of SUN. Nothing is green here and it only rains 2 inches a year. 110º is what we get half the year here. All of the photographer's blogs that I read live in cloudy places.

    I also happen to sew and I LOVE your dress. It is quite exquisite. I have 4 daughters and loads of clothes to make here.

    Beautiful. I'll be reading more, and looking to see if you have some great tricks for photographing in the hot sun.


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