Wednesday, February 23, 2011

It's To Late T'Apologize...

Okay, actually it is not ha! I am sorry I have been unplugged lately

But when Chris got home Monday morning it launched me into an I-Don't-Want-To-Do-Anything-That-Doesn't-Involve-Hanging-Out-With-My-Family sort of mood. Which is a great mood to be in. So content and fun. Even in the evenings when I usually sew, make patterns or work on pictures I did something bizarre and fantastic, I went to bed early. I know, shocking. That is why I am behind on posts and haven't answered any emails ahhh! I promise I will get back to you by tonight :) 
Now don't get me wrong this doesn't mean I didn't hop on and check out the progress of Project Run and Play. I want to say:
so much for your kind words, your support, for voting etc. At first the competitive side in me really wanted a good long pout but then I read all your lovely words and hello! so many of them are totally right. I am pretty proud of how far I got considering the AMAZING women I was competing with. I remember the first email I got about this competition I thought "Hmm I'll totally do this because guaranteed I will be out the first round!" ha! A big part of the competition that was kept in the background was the silent judging. We would receive scores each week and sometimes comments and this was a great part of the competition for use designers. To know what we should work on for next week and what they liked. Anyway, if you followed along the competition and the idea intrigued you Micalah will be doing it again! You should absolutely keep following Project Run and Play. I expect great things to come out of it. Congratulations to Katy! Her talent for amazing, over the top (in a fabulous way) designs took my breathe away each week. And um, remember she did win EVERY week but 1 so I am pretty sure she 100% deserved her title! Ashley, your designs make me melt. I LOVE how couture they look yet are completely comfy. I don't look at any of your clothes and wonder if she can sit down, or play at the park. Like one commentor said your designs always stayed true to the name of the competition, Run and Play! I only wish I lived near by so you could teach me to silk screen. Anyway I wanted to say thank you to my FANTASTIC readers. I really hope someday to meet you. I honestly do, I was talking to the hubby the other night about a birthday party for my 30th in UT (GAAAAGGGG-- to the 30 part not UT) and that I wanted to invite my blogging buddies. He looked at me just a little funny, but when a girl lives so far away from home who do you expect her friends to be :) Thanks for your support. In return I will get off my bum and get to work on the STACK of patterns I have waiting to share with you! 


  1. I loved your finale outfit! I voted for it. I'm impressed with your resourcefulness and think that deserves bonus points. I live in the states, but in a rural location and I've had to think of sewing differently since we moved here. It's not exactly like No Mans Land, but it's not the drive down the block from the craft and fabric store either. Great job on all your work!

  2. I loved your work (I found your blog through Project Run and Play). Be encouraged...
    I love your ideas/projects enough that, if in a store, I would plop down hard-earned-$ for them...and I'm picky!!
    Your resourcefulness is also inspiring.
    In summary, I just love your style.
    Keep on keeping on!

  3. i too found your blog through project run and play. I absolutely love your work. I love the romantic flair, and I agree that your resourcefulness is refreshing and inspiring. Anyone (ok, almost anyone) can pick out amazing fabric when it's at your fingertips, but it takes true creativity to make it out of thin air! ;) lots of love!

  4. A bloggy b-day bash sounds fun to me! It seems a lot of us bloggers are in UT:)

  5. it was my fault... I was unplugged and didn't get to vote! Yours was my favorite! Thanks for sharing...

    If you do something here in UT I'll bring the cake... or some kind of sweet! Happy Birthday soon!

  6. I love love love your designs. I feel like the annoying blogger that is always emailing you because I want to make everything you post. I feel like for all of us that live away from family and friends the blogging world is our strange way to meet more friends. Thanks for your blog ;) it has inspired me in so many ways.

  7. Kelly,

    You did an amazing job and should be so proud of your work!! I'm sure your voters were pleased to see you get all the way to the finale! I know I was! Love your style, love your work... Wish I could be more like you in so many ways! Congrats and please keep it coming!

  8. Hi - I've written about you here: - just a post about where I find inspiration, hope you don't mind. Tone

  9. All I have to say is WOW. Your stuff is absolutely out of this world! I am FREAKING out about how talented you are! I found your blog a couple of days ago have have already made the Strawberry Fields Dress and the Yorkshire Mini (I will send pictures when I get them taken)! Thanks for the inspiration and the free patterns and tutorials!
    P.S. I am LDS too! Good luck at having church at if there isn't enough to worry about during the week!



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