Saturday, July 10, 2010

Don't you look dapper?

I feel like there is a gapping hole where sewing for boys is concerned. I am not saying I am going to fill it, although I have been racking my brain since the day Sawyer was born for different things to make for him. I thought this up coming week we could try a few boy items. The first being cute ties and bow ties. Before we left for Timor we had family pictures taken. (My photographer friend Elizabeth and I swapped sessions). We both wanted to have our families look stellar (who doesn't) but add a little of our crafty flavor to the pics. Sawyer ended up with this tie:
Finn with this bow tie:
And Genevieve with this head band
Even though it was FREEZING cold and Evie fell asleep half way through:
I think they turned out fun and very personalized... although possibly pretty trendy ha!
(This was honestly the best shot, my hat goes off to anyone who can get ALL their cuties looking at the camera at the same time, but I think this pretty accurately captures our family haa!) I have been itching to do another shoot with all three kiddos, they grow soooo fast. So I was thinking maybe I could do a tutorial showing how to make all three items? Then if you have your own family pics coming up you could try it out? I will work on it this weekend and see what you guys think on Monday :)


  1. Painfully adorable! I just love the expressions the boys are making...classic! I would LOVE to know how to make the bowtie :) It's time for LJ to have new pictures taken anyways.

  2. I so agree with you on the lack for sewing projects in the boy category. I've been racking my brain myself for finding/making new sewing projects for my little guy. I think I have a new mission!=)

  3. What a beautiful family you have!!!!

  4. I'm a mom of three little guys myself and have been crafting/sewing for them because boys deserve some crafty love too!
    There are actually some really great sites out there from crafty moms of boys. I try to make a point of highlighting one each Wednesday because sorting through the bloggy world can take a lot of time out of ones day.

    Check it out if you've got some time:

  5. I must say that the headband is by far my favorite! Love, love you kid's names btw.

  6. Oh my! what gorgeous photos! Those ties are great! My 2 little men would crush my lil heart if they would sit still long enough to show them off ;) lol Thank you so much for sharing! I love to see others, and their lovely families :) Hope all is well :)

  7. Wow, your family is disgustingly adorable! What great photos and I just LOVE the splash of color in the ties and headband! I would totally LOVE a headband tut!

    also I wanted to share this with you:

  8. Super Cute...I have 2 boys (more like men now) and I completely agree with you. I wish there were more fun things to sew for boys. I have a sweet little nephew due to arrive next month.

  9. Мама , Папа и дети - все очень красивые ! Вам всем здоровья и счастья !

  10. I hear what you say about the big gap in cute boy's things! I have one baby, a little monster of a boy, and I have decided to dedicate 89% ((ok I just made that percentage up)) of my blog to showing of boys clothes for him.

    There's some cute ideas on Dana Made it and Made by Rae also!


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