Friday, July 16, 2010

If you have a little boy....

You are going to LOVE this! I am going crazy I am so excited about this tutorial. I looked all over the web and didn't find another one like it (woo hoo for originality!) All you need to have ready is an old sweatshirt and you will end up with this:
Thats right this is completely home made!!! I am so in love with it! I promise to get right to the tutorial as soon as I finish the photo shoot with it tomorrow morning :) Now go find a great old sweatshirt to use!


  1. Adorable...I love that you are recycling clothes and making such cute things out of them. When do you find time?

  2. LOve the neckline! and love refashioning too!

    is this a kids size? :)

  3. i love love love it! I'm definitely using this for my son's wardrobe this winter, thanks so much for a fun twist on the normal everday sweatshirt!


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