Thursday, July 15, 2010

First I wanted to say thanks!

I am sooo excited to share the crazy easiest tutorial for this little outfit out of an old skirt:
(It cost me Free Fitty Free, as my sisters and I say)
But first I wanted to say a couple thank you's! First to Tanyia for giving me the Sunshine Award on her blog the other day. I was gobsmacked that you would even consider me enough to put me with the other bloggers you mentioned. Since I am new to this whole blogging arena I didn't know there were friendly awards like this. That totally made my day! Next I want to show you some pictures I took recently and say a big big thank you to all the tax payers in the states. (This is NOT a political commentary and I DO NOT intend to ever mention or discuss politics on this blog) I know it totally stinks seeing a big 'ole chunk come out of your check each time but just pretend like that whole chunk comes to things like the Medcap in Patauru here in Dili. Let me back pedal a little. In order to be good neighbors the Embassy here in Dili had doctors from a US ship set up a medical clinic in the neighborhood that is behind the Embassy compound. Anyone could come and receive medical attention or just have their children looked at.
This cute little girl was being checked due to malnutrition (I would say 90% of the local children here are malnourished
This little guy had put his hand in boiling water and was able to have it cleaned, bandaged and receive some pain medication.
This adorable bubs they thought was bleeding from his ears and couldn't hear. The doctors were able to clean them all out and help him hear.
When children left they took with them armfuls of disposable diapers, vitamins and formula
I just wanted to say a thank you to all of you because, YOU made this possible. I am so blessed to see the amazing projects our government is involved in. I have daily reminders how amazing our soldiers are and how tender they can be with little toddlers. So pat yourself on the back and sleep well tonight knowing you made the world a better place!


  1. Just going through ALL your posts and came across this one. I LOVE sewing and I am enjoying all your projects that you are doing, but THIS post is my favourite by far. Sweet and succinct.

  2. Touched...humbled...inspired...thank you


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