Monday, May 16, 2011

Sea Glass Tunic

I promise only a few items of house keeping today:
1. Not only was I crazy excited about being on Grossgrain, but Evie's Bali Bliss outift was also on UCreate! That is like being on Oprah and The Martha Stewart show in one week for me ha! Thanks ladies for taking the time to mention my fav outfit ;)
2. I know a lot of ya'll are totally annoyed by having to download the pattern pieces one at a time instead of as a whole document. This will change in four weeks when I have high speed internet. For now the only way I can upload a document is by shrinking it significantly and then loading it one by one. I have tried int eh past to do more then one at a time but with the electricity cutting in and out I have never been able to do it grrrrrr. Sorry for the frustration.
3. I get asked often about on Etsy store. While I would love to have one it is illegla for me to send anything through the diplomatic mail that I would make money on. So maybe when I get back to the states? For now if you are looking for premade headbands like the ones I make Evie, check out Alexie's store HERE. Her headbands were made using my tutorial and are WAY cuter then mine and you don't have to do any of the work ha!

Alright, back to Evie's wardrobe!!! I am doing a photoshoot this evening for her outfit for Color My Summer that I am positively giddy about. When I showed my hubby he actually said "Wow, that looks professional" ha! That is what I am going for right? :) But for now I wanted to share Evie's Sea Glass Tunic that I made to go with her Sea Glass shorties :)
The Sea Glass Tunic
I am a major sucker for Tunics. I knew when I started Evie's wardrobe it would have to have one. But I also hate being unoriginal and if there is something out there cuter then what I had in mind well then, I just have to go with it. So, I made Evie's tunic based on Jessica from Me Sew Crazy's out of this world adorable Chloe Tunic which can be found HERE. I made a few changess to make it more suitable for Evie and Timor.
Off came the sleeves
and in came the waist with a drawstring pocket
I loved the embroidery detail. I felt like that MADE the tunic. I don't have (and couldn't find on the island) and embroidery hoop so I just did this all free hand. (I literally followed the cuties from play spot to play spot embroderying ha!).
I wanted it to POP so I did it in a funky orange. Which I don't know how well it actually worked but I think it looks cute :) The fabric is by Amy Butler and it was my MAJOR splurge in Singapore. Yup, I broke down and bought a half a yard. When paired with the Sea Glass shorties Evie looks positively comfy. No sweaty baby here! Now off to find some Sea Glass!!!


  1. The embroidery detail is such a wonderful touch.

  2. I love it. She looks so cute and comfortable in it. Very nice!

  3. This is awesome! You've outdone yourself again! Hmm...I have half a yard of AB fabric I've been trying to figure out what to do with...

  4. Oh.................the embroidery detail is absolutely fabulous!!! I am in love with the pop of color you chose to use too! Very cute!

  5. So adorable! I'll have to make one for my Evie!

  6. I love this! I wish I had little girls to deck out with some of the inspirations you have given me! (Only nephews thus far!) Maybe I will use some ideas for me-sized clothes! Thanks!

  7. Gorgeous fabric...and the orange really does "pop". It looks like a comfy top for your little one.

  8. I just found your via Grosgrain and I am in love with your blog! You are so sweet to share all these patterns and tutorials. You have great taste and you just increased my "To-Sew" list ten fold! Thank you! I am a new follower.


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