Friday, May 6, 2011

Maternity High Waisted Skirt at Be Sweet

Amanda over at Be Sweet is doing a fantastic week full of Mothers day inspired crafts! I was so excited when she asked me to participate. I needed something to get me in the Mothers day mood... okay to actually remind me that Mothers day was this weekend. It is really hard to keep track of American holidays when you are out of the states and I would have been mortified if I missed the chance to gush to my mom and mother in law about how fabulous they are! Any who since I am preggy I wanted to make something for us mommys who are stretching our waistbands and need a little boost to our wardrobe. I get so sick of my maternity clothes and wanted something fun and usually none maternity, something I love, a high waisted skirt.
I just love them and am always bummed that I can't wear them
while preggers. I decided to set out and make one that is comfy to
wear, well at least until you are REALLY REALLY showing.
You can dress it up with a nice belt and boots
Or make yourself a cute belt out of fun notions
This skirt is extremely simple with no need for a pattern and whips up
super fast! Be Sure to hop over to Be Sweet and check out the fantastic line up Amanda has going, you'll love it I promise!

What you will

A heavy weight fabric of your choice. I purchased 2 meters and didn't
use all of it
Straight Pins
Sewing Machine
Measuring tape 

The first step in making this skirt is to take some measurements. Once
you have decided how high you want your high waisted skirt to be find
that point on your waist. Measure your waist at that point. Add at
least an inch or two so that you have some extra for your zipper. This
is going to be the length of your waistband. You then need to decide
how wide you would like your waistband. You will be cutting it on the
fold so keep this in mind. Also keep in mind that you will be ironing
over the raw edges so make sure to add some extra for that. One thing
you make you feel better as you do this is you can't get it wrong.
This is as wide or as thin as you like. If you cut it and it is a bit
wide you can always iron more under :) Once you are done you should
have a nice long rectangle.  If you are making a preggy skirt, to
add comfort we are going to fold our band in half so that we can cut a
nice slight arch so that when it is open you will have a equal arch
from one side to the other. (If you are not skip this step)
When you are done take your band to the ironing board. Iron over the
raw edges. 
Set your band aside. Now we are going to make the main portion of the
skirt. If you plan on doing large pleats like I did this is going to
take A LOT of fabric. My main skirt portion was 2 meters across and
3/4 a meter long. Now the fun part, making pleats. 
Alright only two easy steps left. You will need to sew in your zipper.
I won't go over how to do that because there are countless Youtube
videos that do a much better job :) Finally you will need to hem your
skirt. I would suggest trying it on and placing a pin at the spot you
would like your hem to hit then you can easily hem it up
Easy peasy right? I am four months preggy and I think I will be able
to wear this for at least another month and then definitely right
after giving birth. Now this may not seem like a long time to wear an
outfit but if you have ever been preggy you totally know how it is to
have something new to wear every now and then :) I hope you can make
your own fun spring skirt and thank you so much Amanda for letting me
pop over! Happy Mothers Day Ladies!


  1. Just recently found your blog and love it! You sew such gorgeous things (and make them look so easy)! And your photos are beautiful!

  2. Good for you. I made my own clothes since being a little girl, and yet both time I've been pregnant, I've just got cheap second hand maternity clothes with the idea that it wasn't worth bothering.
    And subsequently found it really depressing. Unless you want to spend a fortunte, maternity clothes only really come in limited colours. But your skirt looks lovely and bright.
    Who cares whether you only wear it another month? It's feeling good now that counts. (And it always take a surprising time before you get rid of the jelly belly afterward!)


  3. absolutely gorgeous!!! I am doing maternity next week too...but with all knit fabrics and stretchy, great job on doing something with regular material!

    PS - I am so impressed that you get good pictures even when you are not taking them. I swear I have to beg my husband to just take like 5 photos of me, then I need to choose from those the best of the evil

  4. I must have missed the post about you being preggers!! Hurray and congrats! Love the look!

  5. I followed you over from Be Sweet, and I must say - i LOVE your blog! You are mighty talented, Lady, and I am definitely adding you to my reader! I must also ask... is Evie your daughter's full name? My grandmother's name is Evelyn, and I really want to use Evie as the shorthand - you just don't hear it too often, so I was curious!

  6. Your pictures are beautiful--you make a gorgeous pregnant momma! I love this skirt--the pleats are such a nice touch. Thanks for the instructions!

    Rachel @ Maybe Matilda

  7. You look great in that skirt! I can't imagine why anyone would want to be mean to you (regarding a few posts ago) you seem to be a very neat person who loves her husband and children. Plus, you make time for total strangers to learn/follow your sewing patterns. Your blog is one of the first ones I look at every morning. I cannot wait to see what next tutorial/photo shoot you have in store for us. (oops, was I gushing?)
    Thank you,

  8. Buddy, you look GORGEOUS! Gosh, I wish I could pull off pregnancy that well- haha! :)
    And the Bali Bliss outfit is as fabulous as I have words for! :)

  9. You are freakin' gorgeous! If only we all looked so beautiful pregnant! Happy mother's day to you and yours...

  10. Gorgeous skirt! You don't even look pregnant...your photos are beautiful! I love your blog.


  11. WOW. You are SO LOVELY!! that skirt is the stuff of dreams. LOVE it. makes me wish i was pregsy (ha, ha).
    love you.

  12. LOVE the skirt and your pictures!!! Kelly, you look so good. I wish you lived closer!!

  13. Oh, and thanks for the "landscape photography" post. It was a totally different type of project. I spent a week there. One morning I woke up at 6AM and the whole place was covered with a low fog. It was AWESOME. I was dying how pretty it was. ...I'll take you up to there sometime. :0)

  14. I love that skirt and fabric? Where is the fabric from?

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. Thank you so much for this tutorial!! I finished my skirt yesterday afternoon, and I love it! :) If you're interested, I just put up a post about it on my blog (

  17. What kind of fabric did you use? I'm having a hard time finding something suitable!


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