Saturday, September 11, 2010

White Tee's cont: All ruffled up dress

Remember the top that was left after the Crunch Crunch dress? I hope you kept it! (And if yours was like mine maybe used some advice I received and oxycleaned those arm pits ha!) What is so FABULOUS is that I received a call asking me to come pick up a big box in the mail room, yippie for mail! It was from Heather (she will be doing a guest tutorial next week!) and it was chalk full of fabulous knits! I was in HEAVEN. I have been DESPERATE for knits and look at these colors!
There was also this GORGEOUS Anne Marie Horner fabric.
I have never been able to use any of her fabric. I really started loving her designs after we left the states and my rule prevents me from ordering online so I was thrilled when I saw it! Immediately got to work making this fun mommy tuxedo dress:
Again I think it would be better with funky boots and a fun sweater but whatcha gunna do right? ;)
What you need:
The top of your white T shirt
Some fun jersey knit (about 1/3 a yard)
Some fun funky fabric for the middle (just a tiny bit cut in a rectangle as long as your shirt is and as wide as you like, but not to wide I made that mistake and it looked totally weird and I had to unpick it all UGHHHHH)
And old skirt (I found mine at one of the many CRAZY old clothes market for a buck!)
Sewing Machine
I am currently listening to the new Sarah Barellis when I sew. Really diggin it!

Okay so Grab your t-shirt, your rectangle and your skirt. I laid them on the table and lined them all up to cut them to the appropriate lengths.
Trime where you need. Now sew up the side of your middle section so it makes a circle.
Now slide it up over your skirt so that right sides are together.
Then sew around the raw edges. Now when you flip it out it should look like this;
Now you are going to do the same thing with the T-shirt. Slide it so that right sides are together and sew around
Now you could just stop here if you like and how stinking easy is that?
But since I don't usually wear sweaters here it needed a little somin' somin'. I would not have been able to do this if I hadn't JUST received Heathers knits, I decided to make my own ruffle tuxedo top. (this worked so well I am going to by some more plain T's and do it to them) It was not nearly as hard as I thought it was going to be. First I cut 9 strips of jersey fabric
MIne were only about 1 inch wide and I would do them wider next time. I line them all up along the neckline to make sure there was enough
Then I sewed right down the middle with a loose gathering stitch leaving long tails at the end for gathering. I gathered them all up
Then placed them on the shirt. I wanted the ones in the middle to be longer and get shorter as I went out so I just gathered them accordingly
Then I sewed them all down with a topstitch!
Easy Peasey one two threesy! That is it! How fabulous easy is this dress! Add to boot our gardenia tree is in FULL bloom, our yard smells AMAZING! I wish I could send you all some in a little box with a bow! But a picture will have to do.
I hope you like it! Thus endeth our first white t-s week. I am off to fly (we are already checked in, bags gone rearing to go, thats how much I love doing this blog!) wish me luck on our 3 flight 24 hour trip ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
Bon Voyage and cheers!


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