Friday, September 24, 2010

The {Free} Tulip Pants Tutorial from Heather

Heather from Featherty Sews , found HERE. Was kind enough to work super hard on the following tutorial, complete with a pattern whoot whoot! (Even when her desktop was working against her) Totally brief aside, when I get home I am planning on offering a tutorial on how to make your own digital patterns using only Photoshop, no expensive programs. Good idea or lame idea is my query? You just have to promise to still think I am at least a little cool after you see how easy it actually is and promise to still read my blog every now and then when everyone else catches on to the easiness ha! Thank you Heather for overcoming the death of your desktop to bring us these A-dor-able pants!

Welcome to the official tutorial for the Tulip Pants pattern that you can download for free HERE. This post includes the details on materials needed and the step-by-step instructions, but I wanted to show pictures for those of you who learn better that way.

I made these out of babywale corduroy. It's super soft and moves really nicely. Just remember when working with corduroy that it has a nap, so you always want to cut it out with all of the pieces pointing in the same direction. I don't know if I chose nap up or nap down, but when I run my hand down the leg, it's rough. That way the color pops better! I usually start making these pants by preparing the pockets. For this version, I put gathers in the open edge of the pocket and then backed it with a little piece of Anna Maria Horner's voile. Sew right sides together, clip and turn. Press and topstitch the "hand" edge.

Gather along the top of the Lower Front pieces and the Lower Back pieces. Pull gathers so the bottom piece is the same width as the top.

Sew each Lower Front to Upper Front, and Lower Back to Upper Back, right sides together.
Attach the Yoke pieces to the Upper Back pieces. For this version, I pressed the seams up and top-stitched then 1/8" from the edge.

Attach the pocket pieces to the front of the pants, topstitching along the bottom edge.
You can see the inside of the pocket lining in this photo.

Sew right front piece to right back piece at the outer side edge, right sides together. Then sew in the inside leg seam. Repeat with left leg.

Turn one leg inside out, stuff it inside the other leg and stitch up the crotch seam from front to back. I added a faux fly in this pair. I'll be doing a quick-tute on how to put in a faux fly in a few days. Cut your ribbing for the waistband. I cut mine one inch smaller around than the width of the waistband I'm working with, and five inches tall. Stitch the sides of your ribbing together and fold in half, WRONG sides together.

Lay the ribbing band onto the waist of the pants, right sides together, and stitch almost all the way around, leaving a gap to thread your elastic.

Thread the elastic through the middle of the ribbing, all the way around and attach it by zig-zagging the ends together.

Stitch the last bit of waistband shut.

Hem the legs, and you're done!

Seriously how cute are these! I bought a pair just like them for WAY to much at Nartjie before I left the states. Now I can make as many as I want for Evie in lots of fun colors. & I LOVE the idea of soft cord, to bad my ginormous hips prevent me from pulling off a pair myself.


  1. I got some purple corduroy fabric from the thrift store about a month ago that is super soft! I bet I've got enough to make a pair for one of the girls at least! This is going on my list for sure.

    Love and Hugs, Jess

  2. These are awesome!! I linked to this tutorial over at Craft Gossip Sewing:


  3. Love this you are on a roll woman 2 great tutorials i cant wait to see what more you've got in store for us

    Mayya @ Sew Chic and Unique

  4. thanx for the tutorial I love this pattern and I am busy with the pattern now!!! So... soon you will find my tulippants on my blog!!!!

  5. Please do a tutorial on making digital patterns!!! PLEASE :) I love the pants btw

  6. Where did her blog go?? Blogger is telling me it's not found.

  7. Does anyone no what happened to her blog? I had just found it and was a faithful follower and now she's gone... :(

  8. I just made a pair of 2T ones for my daughter. They fit a bit more like a 24mo then 2T but are ridiculously cute!! Thank you so much! I think for a little change I might switch the front/back ruffles so the longer one is in the back for my next pair. Thanks again for sharing!!

  9. Okay. I LOVE the look of these, but the PDF is on legal size pages, and no matter what I did I could not get them to print right... SO...

    I downloaded a program, cropped the pages, and re-uploaded the pattern on letter sized pages. Just in case anyone else who comes along later has the same problem.


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