Tuesday, August 3, 2010

What a world what a world

Evie and I had a very long and stressful travel day today, which included but is not limited to: a late starting flight making us miss our connection, told it was somehow OUR fault for scheduling our flights too close together, had to purchase a same day ticket, lost luggage, engine malfunction, stewardess feeding Evie spicey curry which then induced vomiting and screaming for an hour and a half. Yeah, it was that bad. And you know what is funny? I sitting here for the first time in 6 months with high speed internet and I can't upload anything because what I need is in my luggage, probably never to be seen again.... ugh. This is doubly frustrating as I made sure to have a tutorial ready to go for every single day of the trip. That was a lot of work, two 1am bedtimes in a row to be exact. Okay enough whining from me though. Instead I will tell you what I will post ASAP. I thought it would be fun to post all the things I love to do that are soo sooo easy you will just die. So this is what you can expect:
Children's no sew/ barely sew apron
Best Bib EVER (seriously so cute, comfy and most importantly they can't pull it off!)
Keyper (you will never loose your keys again)
White chocolate wonders
Birthday Banner
Pettiskirt (The same day I asked about this tutorial UCreate posted a link to one so I didn't know if ya'll wanted me to still do it? And yes they belong in this soo soo easy section ha!)
I can share with you a few pics from out Maubisse trip. It was at this OLD OLD place called the Poussada. It was a huge gorgeous manner when the Portugeuse controlled Timor. We stayed in the servants quarters as opposed to the main house and the kids had such a blast! I accidentally left my camera sitting on the couch so all of these were taken with our video camera in camera mode, they aren't all that bad.
Evie on the steps leading up to the main house
Finn and Roman making fishing poles out of sticks and tea bags (this is what happens when you purposely don't bring toys!)

Sawyer was hanging out with his best school buddy which always means Finn gets dumped. It makes my heart hurt a little. So we spent lots of quality time together. We took a walk and found a monkey
And flowers that looked like horns,
then found out they were hallucinogenic if you touched them for too long, ooopps. We enjoyed wearing flannel and saying "I need some mittens it's so cold!"
Figured out what we would look like if we were at woodstock and big ole hippies
Enjoyed the lovely tandem swing...
"Um mom where are the seats?"
Admired the ingenuity and reuse of USAID products we have given the Timorese
Ate our weight in rocks.... well some of us did
ran around ALOT
Some of us were good and just looked at the turtles...
While others threw caution to the wind and threats of salmonial were ignored as was the rule that you don't throw turtles back and forth to each other
One candle was lit, but it took four children to blow it out
On old drained pool became the coolest hid out ever, but mostly we saw a lot of these:
and heard a lot of this "this is the BEST day ever mom!" Now that is all I wanted to hear!


  1. I love the pic with the hallucinogenic flower. Him closing his eyes and inhaling just makes the caption absolutely hilarious!!!! That place looks amazing!!

  2. Oh my goodness, the first part of the trip sounds horrendous! Any thing that could have gone wrong really did. My prayers are with you that your day gets better and they find your luggage!

    On the upside the pictures are gorgeous and at least the children had fun!

    Love and Hugs, Jess

  3. OMG, and I thought my last flight with my son was bad....girl, sadly you win. I'm so sorry that it has been so horrible. It's not whinning, it's venting, and after a day like that, you need it! Hope your suitcases reappear soon!

  4. Oh, so sorry about your trip's beginnings! Hopefully it will get better from here on out. How sweet that your kids loved the day. Doesn't that help erase some of those icky feelings you had about the plane trip? Well, maybe not completely.... :)
    I'm so excited for the bib tute, as well as the other easy-peasy selections. :) Thanks!

  5. So sorry to hear about your rough travel day. I'd LOVE to see a tutorial on an easy pettiskirt! Love your blog!


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