Thursday, August 5, 2010

Dinner is Served! Burp Cloth to Baby Bib tutorial

Woo Hoo! I bought a card reader today and we actually have internet access! I am so excited... my mouth is still killing me from yucky root canal, but hey I need to drop a few pounds :) I feel bad that it has been so long since I posted so lets get right to it. Do you have a ton of burp clothes lying around and nothing to do with them? I received so many adorable burp clothes with each baby and I was kinda bummed when we didn't use them anymore then my mother in law taught me this cool refashion.
If you live in UT (I know there are several of you who do wink wink) or if you ever visit, there is a store called Down East Outfitters. They receive all of Potterybarn's cast offs and sell them at ridiculously reduced prices. You have to be very patient to search through the HUGE box's of randomly monogramed and personalized items but I have found every single member of our family stockings, easter baskets, backpacks etc. all with their names on it and never paid more then a few dollars. The reason I bring it up is you can also find the most adorably burp clothes usually for a dollar. I have one for every holiday and have turned most of them into bibs now. I use one that I purchased last winter and an adorable burp cloth I received at Evi's baby shower for this tutorial (some steps just show up better on each).
What you need
A burp cloth
A small amount of stretchy spandex fabric, color of your choice (mine was approximately four inches wide and 17 inches long)
Your sewing machine

This is so easy you are going to die. Grab your burp cloth and fold it in half (you can also fold it so there is a significant amount more in the front if you like it is up to you. )
Now cut a half circle making sure to cute through all the layers of fabric. This should be wide enough to fit your cuties head but not to wide. I would ere on the small side becuase you can always make it bigger.
Try it on your bubs and make sure it fits nicely over their noggin but isn't so big that it falls off their little shoulders. Now grab your spandex, measure it loosely around their neck's and mark the spot. Now cut it to the appropriate length with a little extra added on the end. Fold it in half lengthwise so you have a nice finished edge and a raw edge:
Now match up the two ends and zig zag stitch them together several times. You want to do a zig zag stitch because this particular stitch has a little give to it, so when you are pulling the bib over those big ole noggins it will stretch a little instead of ripping.
Now find the middle of the back of your bib and match up the seam you just made with the middle you found, pinning it so that right sides are together.
Now you can either pin it all the way around but I suggested working with the fabric to make it fit nicely, either way you are going to zig zag stitch all the way around. Now flip the spandex part up and topstitch what you just sewed. Thats it! It is an awesome bib because it is near impossibly to pull off! Plus it has way more absorption power then most bibs and mine are always a lot longer and cover way more of my baby then other bibs!
So there you have it the ridiculously simple but oh so wonderful burp clothe to bib tutorial.
Missed you!
PS I received this picture from Amanda of an Evette inspired dolly she made named Hera. I LOVED seeing it, totally made my day! Thought you guys might enjoy seeing her too. Thanks for the email Amanda


  1. great idea. I am so in need of these. I have a messy one year old that pulls off every bib I put on her. Do you have to use spandex or can you use knit?

  2. Casey, I bet a knit would work great and I am sure more people have those on hand. My cuties heads are just soooo big ha! Thank you for your comment!

  3. Omgoodness thanks so much for showing my inspired Evette doll, and I love the bibs great idea :)


  4. I'm in awe. Seriously. You're cool.


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