Friday, August 6, 2010

Just Melt it! White Chocolate wonders

For Evie's birthday party I didn't want to do the run of the mill treats. But since there would be lots of little kids they had to be simple and easy to carry around. I wanted to keep within the color theme so I thought I would get some white chocolate and melt it all up and see what I could come up with that would yummy. The first is chocolate covered marshmallows on a stick and the second a homemade white chocolate ice cream dish. To complete both you will need:
Meltable White Chocolate
Good food coloring (I use wilton)
A double broiler (or one you make our of a pan and pyrex dish)
Nonpareils of your choice
A balloon
Alright so lets do the marshmallows pictured above first. Grab your skewers usually used for kabobs and stick a marshmallow on the end. Have as many as you would like to use prepared and sitting next to your stove. I also had a glass filled with sand ready to stick them into. This way they harden nicely without being flattened like they would on wax paper.
The white chocolate pieces I ordered that are made to melt never made it, I have no idea where they went but whoever has them I hope you enjoy them! My hubby was kind enough to go on the hunt in the Singapore airport and came home with several bars of this:
Belgian chocolate YUM! The downside it did not melt nicely. Tasted fantastic but kinda lumpy. So if you purchase the correct meltable chocolate the finished product will look a lot smoother and more professional. Grab your double broiler or make one like I did using a small sauce pan filled with about 2 inches of water and place a pyrex dish that will fit inside but not slip into the pan on top.
Break up the chocolate and place it in your pyrex, squirt in some food coloring.
Stir diligently making sure your chocolate doesn't burn.
Now take your skewers and dip your marshmallow into the liquid chocolate. You can do it however you like, covering it completely, half way just the top, it is fun to mix it up. Once you have dipped it immediately place your nonpareils where you would like them. Again you can put them all over or just a few its up to you!
When you have done that stick your skewers in the cup to set! How cute are these!
My boys LOVED these and waited very patiently for me to finish pictures before the goggled them all up. And they aren't even messy! Okay on to the second white chocolate wonder I made for her birthday the white chocolate ice cream bowl. With your chocolate still melted, lay out some wax paper and grab your balloon. Blow it up as large as you want your bowl to be. I kept mine relatively small for several reasons, if you go to big the hot chocolate will pop the thin latex and splatter chocolate all over you... not that this happened but take my word, okay it totally happened to my friend and I when we first tried this. Plus I wanted smaller serving sizes since the kiddos would be having lots of treats. Okay, once you have it blown up and knotted take a spoon and get a nice dollop of the chocolate and make a thick circle on the wax paper. This is going to be your base and what will hold your balloon upright
now roll your balloon in the chocolate attempting to keep the line nice and even. The chocolate needs to be thick so make sure to get plenty of it on there. (I tried putting painters tape around the ballon to get a nice straight line but it didn't work as well as I hoped) Once you have it coated place it on the base.
Now stick it in the freezer to set up. This is pretty quick but what is nice is you can do it a few hours before the party and just leave them in there. When you are ready for them take it out and using one of your straight pins pop the balloon. The air will come out very slowly because of it being so cold. When it gets down to where your chocolate is slowly and carefully pull it from the sides of the chocolate bowl.
Don't worry if a little breaks no one will notice and if they do tell them to go try and make perfect little chocolate balloon bowls ha! Now grab your ice cream, we went with homemade strawberry ice cream with strawberry syrup, and put a little scoop in the center of the bowl and serve immediately.
It is so yummy and the easiest clean up EVER! A little side trick? If you don't have a cake stand just make one out of a bowl and plate. The one pictured above is a blue ramekin turned upside down with a plate on top. For a bigger effect start with a large serving platter and place a large bowl upside down, place a normal diner plate on top of the bowl, now take a tea cup and place it upside down in the center of that and finish it off with a saucer on top. It looks soooooo cute, but of course I don't have a picture so you will just have to take my word for it!
Have a blast with your chocolate and make sure to eat all the left overs in the bowl!


  1. you're a genius! who would have ever thought of a balloon. what a great summer treat.
    thanks so much for sharing!


  2. I agree with Magoo.. that balloon bowl is just FANTASTIC! can't wait to do it myself!

  3. At first I thought "a balloon? huh? I wonder what for" but the balloon is perfect! I know my girls would love this. AND I have everything on hand! I know what we are having for dessert tonight!

  4. Such cute ideas! I just love the ramekin upside down with a plate on it -- such a clever way to make a cute little cake plate.


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