Thursday, August 25, 2011

Evie's Apron

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Evie's Birthday Apron

During my extended break from craft blogging we were able to celebrate Evie's second birthday! Woo hoo!

I wanted to do something smaller that the kids would love but did not involve a TON of planning or execution on my part ha! We decided to book a local farm and have the party there. The kiddos would get to milk a cow, go on a wagon ride and get bags of food to give to the animals.

The plan worked like a charm. While most of the adult attendees hunkered down in the party room with the yummies, I had a blast just hanging back watching the kids run wild on the farm.

We got Evie's cake and cupcakes from The Sweet Tooth Fairy. A local bakery that I attribute 100% with me catching back up to the normal amount of weight I gain during pregnancies. They are just around the corner and open way to late ha! Everything else was purchase from Shop Sweet Lulu. Oh my goodness, do they have THE cutest party items. I especially love the pushpop treats and glass bottles. We filled them with mini cupcakes and chocolate milk perspectively, yum! Evie, being 2, isn't in the swing of the whole birthday thing and refused to blow out her candle and then was shaking with excitement while opening presents.

This time I had become wise to the fact that it is virtually IMPOSSIBLE to be a mommy running a birthday party AND get good pictures if you are the photographer. I either run around and never get to talk to guests and friends because I am behind the camera the whole time, or walk away with only a picture or two proving there was a party ha! Luckily my favorite photographer, Leah Miller, is here in UT and she was willing (even though she had JUST had a new baby two weeks previously) to come and document the excitement. She did SUCH an amazing job! That is how, for the first time ever, I am in a picture at my own cuties party. Granted I am sweating bullets and over 8 months preggy, but hey, I'll take it!

I thought it would be cute instead of party favors to make all the attendees little "milk maid" aprons. The boys got a bit short changed in this aspect of the party but to be honest I don't think they noticed. In a rare twist for me I purchased a little apron pattern from a company I am thinking (and hoping) is a momma sewer based company. I must admit after making one I had to tweak several things and in the end just made my own pattern. If you would like to purchase the original pattern, you can do so HERE (where it is a few dollars cheaper then at the fabric boutique I bought it at). The company name is Sassy Little Sisters and I believe they have a line of patterns to choose from. Or you can come back and download the pattern I created and follow along with my tutorial that requires only two fat quarters, some plain white fabric, a bit of velcro and two buttons! I always love supporting other mommas so please check out the original pattern here and jump on over to Leah's site if you are in need to to die for pictures, which come on, who isn't?

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