Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Photography Heaven

I don't know if I have mentioned on the blog before but my baby sister is getting married this summer. When she got engaged I had a mini mid life crisis. She is ten years younger then me and there is no one in between us.
I remember holding her as a tiny baby thinking about her wedding day. I wanted to make sure to get a photo session in even though she has an officially photographer
(Oddly enough I some how didn't think I could handle shooting a wedding I am part of 8 months preggers and with 3 cuties on my own ha!) One of the things I have absolutely loved about being back in the states is the overwhelming amount of amazing locations to do photo shoots.
Every where I look there are little "hidden" spots that are perfect for photos.
I talked her into donning a retro outfit I put together and after some convincing got her fiance to go with it. We used the red suit case that our mom brought with her from Ireland when she moved her to marry my dad.
When I told them where I was taking them I think they thought I was a little crazy. I described it as the "McDonalds parking lot by my in-laws house". We both drove the '68 Volkswagen beetle in high school so I thought it would be fun to incorporate it.
We had to do some funny ones
Since her fiance is quiet the jokester
It was a fun shoot and it was nice that they already had their official engagements so there was literally nothing to have but a good time :)
In other photography new Evie is turning two soon and I wanted to get some shots for her birthday invite. I made her a dress using the easy peasy Sweet Dress pattern.
I quilted together a bunch of fun fabrics to make it since I couldn't decide on just one.
I made her some ruffly leggings using some tiny remnants of ruffle fabric.
Of course it involved a cupcake bribe.
There are soooo many cupcake stores here it is crazy! Evie started doing this new thing when I tell her to smile. She simply tips her head the side and stares at me. It is hilarious.
I am pretty excited to celebrate and cannot believe how fast she is growing up!!


  1. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! The pics of your sister are stunning and Evie is such a doll! How I wish I was in Utah so you could photograph my fam!

    LOVE that outfit you put your sis in!

  2. Beautiful photos!! Congrats to your sister!

  3. Lovely pictures! (as always) Your sister is adorable, and super lucky to have such a talented big sis.

  4. Lovely kid and awesome couple. Great photography.
    Kids Activities

  5. These photos are STUNNING! And your sister looks so much like you - y'all are beautiful!

    Glad you're having a lovely time at home with family!

  6. Beautiful engagement shots and Evie is darling as always.

  7. Beautiful photos and your sister is gorgeous! Where did you take them? I live in Utah and I am always looking for cool places to take pictures of my kids and family.

  8. Such fun and gorgeous photos! Your sister is so lucky to have you! And congrats to her and her fiance!

  9. Love. Those 'engagement' pix are amazing. I absolutely love the red suitcase. Adorable.

    And Evie? Ahhh, cuteness.

  10. Wow, your pics are seriouly gorgeous! Lucky little sister:)

  11. I'm new to your blog and am amazed by how much Evie looks like my little niece! If Evie had darker hair (or Lily had lighter hair) they could be twins! I sent my sister a link to this page and we both marveled at the resemblance. Amazing.

  12. This is all kinds of fantastic.

  13. Those photographs are amazing - your sister is very lucky to have such a talented big sister! Also your little ones outfit is adorable - what a cutie!

  14. Where did you find that dress? It's wonderful!

  15. We're doing a family shoot and i'm looking for a simple dress for me, but that has lots of style. I love it!

  16. Just found your blog! Lovely! Can you share a tutorial on those adorable ruffle leggings? : )

  17. The pictures are absolutely lovely, as is your sister and your daughter. Did you make the darling fabricator (sp?) for your sister's hair? I would love to make one! Do tell!

  18. beautiful pictures!! loved them all. i recently did a vintage shoot with my brother in law and his fiancee. i'm nowhere as good a photographer as you, but here's the link if you want to check it out. :)


  19. Miss your posts--NO pressure because I know you are busy with your move etc etc and pregnancy. Just wanted to let you know we miss you and pray everything is going well for you. :)

  20. wowzas. just found your blog. completely utterly inspiring. my hubs and i live in iowa right now, but want to move to china to do ministry stuff there eventually. how amazing to see you jugging so many wonderful things!

    love to you!

  21. the engagement shoot is .fabulous.
    wow! I love the colors.


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