Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tiny Tushie Cushion

The boys are absolutely loving the art table we had built for them. The little tressel stools we had made are the perfect height and we have yet to have anyone fall over ha! The only problem is since they are made of teak they have not been super comfy to sit on. The boys will spend over an hour usually coloring or painting or doing homework and the other day Sawyer let me know his bum hurt from sitting on the stool. Of course I thought "super easy project time!" I wanted to make cushions that would stay in place and look cute but as usual I had hardly any time :) So in about 20 minutes I whipped up two "Tiny Tushie Cushions"
If you have some stools that need little cushions these are super fast!
Measure your stool top. I wanted mine a bit smaller then the stool top. Cut two rectangles in these sizes. You will need four strips for the ties.
I don't know what it is but I LOVE the unfinished, rustic look for the boys room. But if you like you can finish the edges of the strips. Once you are done lay the two rectangles right sides together then pin the four strips in place.
Once everything is smoothed out take some stuffing and begin stuffing.
Stitch up the hole and you are done!!
Wasn't that so easy! The boys love them and their little bums are a lot more comfy :)


  1. I absolutely love it! It's so cute for little ones. (And gorgeous enough that I want to make me one!)

  2. Cute Kelly! I'm definitely going to have to use something like this in my house!!!

  3. This is such a great idea!! I linked to your tutorial on Craft Gossip Sewing:


  4. That's adorable. I love the fabric.

  5. I need to make some of these for my kitchen chairs... they are very hard. :)

  6. love this...please can you tell me where u got the fabric?


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